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Incredible World First Electric Seaglider Vehicle Ready For Production After Successful Test

An incredible hybrid high-speed yacht-seaplane vehicle has completed successful flight tests and is ready now for production. Designed for sustainable maritime travel, the fully-electric seaglider operates a few meters off the water’s surface on hydrofoils until it needs to fly. Rhode Island-based company REGENT say it couples the high speed of an airplane with the… Keep Reading

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Singapore Uses Bright Colored Signs to Created a Dementia-Friendly Neighborhood – LOOK

In keeping with the Singapore government’s initiative to enable ageing in place, a dementia-friendly wayfinding solution was devised for Khatib Central and Chong Pang City, which were identified as residential estates with ageing populations. The project’s objective was to create a system that assists seniors and those afflicted with dementia in navigating around their neighborhoods… Keep Reading

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