2023 Watertown Farm and Craft Market begins in rainy conditions

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A little rain wasn’t going to Justin T. Wilbanks from going to opening day of the Watertown Farm and Craft Market.

He said he had to go out to get a windshield replaced and noticed that the market had begun.

Mr. Wilbanks is originally from Georgia and moved to the north country about seven years ago, and started coming to the market a few times last year.

He said he looks forward to seeing what the local businesses have to offer.

“Seeing what everybody’s got around,” he said.

One of the staples of the market is C&J Old Fashioned Kettle Corn, but the usual people behind the table, popping delicious kettle corn, may be changing.

One of the previous owners, Jerry A. Sherman who co-owned the business with his wife were training the new owner Patrick Caldwell on Wednesday. Mr. Caldwell is also the boyfriend of Mr. Sherman’s daughter. C&J Old Fashioned Kettle Corn has been at the market for decades.

“Aside from the weather being so bad today, it’s nice to be back and start up again,” Mr. Sherman said. “We’ve already had some people come down the sidewalk and say ‘Yes! Popcorn’ so we know they’re excited to have us back.”

The business also started running a lemonade stand directly next to their kettle corn.

Flavors for the lemonade include raspberry, watermelon, wildberry, strawberry, blue raspberry, peach, mango, half and half, classic lemonade, and regular iced tea.

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