24 Million Miles Ahead of Tesla, Autonomous Semi Truck Logs Major Accident-Free Milestone on Delivery Routes

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China’s leading developer of autonomous driving technologies for heavy-duty trucks, today announced it has powered more than 24.8 million miles (40 million km) of accident-free trucking on China’s highways.

Tesla has been promising shareholders full autonomous driving for its cars for years, but setbacks have been frequent. Founded by a Chinese engineer who studied in Australia, to say that the Inceptio Autonomous Driving System is miles ahead of America’s tech billionaire is a bit of an understatement.

This latest milestone underlines the safety and reliability of Inceptio’s full-stack autonomous driving solution, as well as its accelerating commercial uptake. Inceptio’s L3 autonomous trucks have been in commercial operation since late 2021.

Working closely with two of China’s top long-haul companies Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and Sinotruk, Inceptio has shipped hundreds of mass-produced heavy-duty trucks designed from the ground up for full integration with the Inceptio Autonomous Driving System. Major customers, including Budweiser, Nestlé, JD Logistics, and Deppon Express have deployed Inceptio trucks across a nationwide line-haul logistics network in China.

“We are incredibly proud of the stellar performance record that Inceptio trucks have amassed over the past two years,” said Julian Ma, founder and CEO of Inceptio Technology. “Across 40 million kilometers of commercial operations, our Inceptio Autonomous Driving System has achieved a highly satisfactory on-time arrival rate for our customers with a perfect safety record.”

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