75% of People Worldwide Want Single-Use Plastics Banned, According to New Global Survey

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An average of three-quarters of people across 28 countries agree that single-use plastic should be banned as soon as possible, the ‘Attitudes towards single-use plastic’ survey by Ipsos has revealed.

People in Latin American countries, as well as Brazil, Russia, India, and China show the highest levels of agreement with banning single-use plastic, with 80-88% agreement—while 61% of North American recipients agreed.

The people who most wanted to ban single-use plastics were in Colombia (89% of Colombians surveyed), in Chile and Mexico (tied at 88%), and Argentina and China (84%).

The least interest in banning plastic was measured in Japan—with just 37% agreement. Sixty-six percent of Canadians and fifty-five percent of Americans want such changes.

The study was conducted among 20,513 adults under the age of 75 across 28 countries.

On average, 88% of people surveyed across 28 countries believe it is essential, very important, or fairly important to have an international treaty to combat plastic pollution—including 90% of those in Middle East and Africa.

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