80-Year-old Man Walks Through Blizzard to Rescue 3 Cars of People

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A retiree rescuer hiked half a kilometer through a winter whiteout to reach a woman that had used social media to alert the local neighborhood that she was stuck and afraid for her safety.

At 80-years old, Andre Bouvier Sr. is being hailed as a hero for rescuing not only the woman, but three other cars likewise stuck in an impassable blizzard which locals describe as a “Saskatchewan Screamer.”

Many have had the same thought as Shannon St. Onge when looking at the approach of snow on a weather forecast—that they have time to finish their errands. The director of finance at the First Nations University of Canada, her signature on a check required her to drive her usual commute of 25 kilometers (15 miles) from her home in Pense, over to the city of Regina.

As she was leaving, the winter snow began to fall, and taking a dirt road for better traction on her tires, she quickly became lost, with no ability to see more than a sliver of the road’s edge from a rolled-down window. After a while she stopped and called 911, with the operator suggesting she wait out the storm as her tank was full and she was warm.

“She (the operator) took my information and told me an officer would call me back. Almost 14 hours and counting and nobody has called me yet to check in,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“Would the gas tank last until morning? What if I was hit by another vehicle? What if I fell asleep and the tailpipe was blocked? What if I didn’t make it home at all?” St. Onge wondered.

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