A City in China is Planning an Offshore Wind Farm So Big It Could Power All of Norway

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The “Classic Tourist City” of Chaozhou is going to build an offshore wind farm so large that it could power all of Norway.

Detailed in the city’s recent 5-year plan, the 43.3-gigawatt windfarm will grant significant amounts of green energy to the two-and-a-half million inhabitants.

Located in Guangdong Province, and neighbor to the largest inhabited city on Earth in Guangzhou, Chaozhou has unique offshore topography that creates gusty seas ideal for harvesting wind energy.

Capable of running the turbines around 49% of the year, it’s to be located between 47 and 115 miles (75 and 185 km) off the city’s coast.

China is big on wind power, and in 2021 the country installed more wind energy resources than all the rest of the world put together for five years running. Statistics on these large civic projects coming out of the PRC are not always reliable; their mass tree-planting operations along the Gobi Desert are notoriously murky.

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