A Good Night’s Sleep Helps Cut Appetite By Up to 500 Calories a Day

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A good night’s sleep helps cut appetite by up to 500 calories a day, according to a new study.

Getting enough sleep could save millions of people from putting on unwanted weight, say scientists.

It is estimated that two out of every three men and six out of 10 women in England are either obese or overweight.

Obesity increases a person’s chances of suffering from mental health problems and has been linked with heart conditions, diabetes, and cancer, all leading causes of death.

Now scientists at the University of Chicago Medicine have come up with a simple solution which many people are likely to welcome; that’s getting more snoozing in.

Author Dr Esra Tasali said, “Over the years, we and others have shown that sleep restriction has an effect on appetite regulation that leads to increased food intake, and thus puts you at risk for weight gain over time.

“More recently, the question that everyone was asking was, ‘Well, if this is what happens with sleep loss, can we extend sleep and reverse some of these adverse outcomes?’”

The researchers recruited 80 young, overweight adults, who would usually only sleep for six and half hours a night.

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