A Man from Luck Finally Won the Lottery

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A man from Luck, Wisconsin, population 1,191, just won the highest Megabucks lottery jackpot in 8 years after picking up $15.1 million.

Mark Cunningham bought the big winning ticket at Wayne’s Food Plus on 151 Butternut Ave. Luck.

Cunningham came to the Wisconsin Lottery office in Madison on Monday to claim his winning ticket, saying in a release that “Dreams really do come true,” while adding “I actually won $15.1 million and two dollars, [because] I also had a $2 winning ticket for the same drawing.”

The day was almost as crazy for the manager of Wayne’s Food Plus, who said he got “lots of phone calls.”

“I was told by the Lottery people that, now you’re going to be that Mecca,” Manager Paul Wondra said in a release from the state lottery company. “You sold a big ticket. You’re going to be the place to go. So far, it’s holding true.”

The village of Luck is about 2.5 square miles, and was founded by Danish immigrants in the late 1800s on the shores of Big Butternut Lake. Another town called West Denmark was founded by the same people to the northwest, on the shores of Little Butternut Lake.

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