All-Black Climbing Team Makes History Reaching Top of Everest, Inspiring Diverse Adventurers

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This month, seven members of an all-Black mountain climbing team summited Mount Everest, helped along by eight Sherpa guides.

Even though hundreds line up to climb Everest every year, only ten Black people have surmounted the highest peak on Earth before, including only one Black woman, and one Black American.

“I am deeply honored to report that seven members of the Full Circle Everest team reached the summit on May 12,” tweeted Philip Henderson, leader of the team and instructor at Nepal’s Khumbu Climbing Center (KCC), which trains some of the world’s premier mountaineers.

“While a few members, including myself, did not summit, all members of the climb and Sherpa teams have safely returned to Base Camp where we will celebrate this historic moment!”

With the ideal period for climbing Chomolungma, or Mother Goddess of the World, being in May, Full Circle Everest arrived at base camp on Khumbu Glacier—a tent city of athletic hopefuls looking for the perfect weather conditions to scurry up to the summit.

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