At 75, world-class triathlete says it’s all about the consistency

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Timothy J. Reardon is a triathlete for the ages.

He’s competed at local and global-levels, including at two Ironman world championships. He hasn’t stopped swimming, running, cycling and weight training since he took up triathlons in his late 30s. Reardon, who turned 75 on March 10, is now planning for a season of sprint triathlons. Over the years, he hasn’t been beaten in his age group in those races for quite a while. Now, he finishes ahead of most 60-year-olds.

Reardon’s roaring get-up-and-go nature invites one to catch up with him and to ask, “What is your motivation?”

“I’m competitive. I like to compete against people of all ages,” he said at a March 5 interview at Dunkin’ on Washington Street, taking time out from an unseasonably warm day that would later find him on his Litespeed titanium road bike. “And I push myself. I like individual sports. I like where I do what I’ve got to do and take it as far as I want to take it.”

Prior to his triathlete days, Reardon, who only dabbled in organized school sports at Sacred Heart and Watertown High School, was a serious racquetball player, winning city championships in the sport for several years. He would also spend hours launching the ball at a wall in solo practice sessions. In his late 30s, a friend told him that he had begun swimming at Watertown High School, and invited Reardon, who could barely swim at the time, to join him.

“We started swimming together, and he said he was going to do a triathlon,” Reardon recalled.

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