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Researchers Find the Key to Fixing Human Allergies to Dogs

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There have been many research efforts describing the progression of dog allergies, but very few studies to try to cure people of them.

Now, researchers looking to artificially induce immune tolerance have for the first time identified candidates for those parts of the molecules that make up dog allergens—which could give us a ‘dog allergy vaccine’.

Being allergic to dogs is a common malady and one that is growing worldwide. Over the years, scientists have been able to identify seven different dog allergens — molecules or molecular structures that bind to an antibody and produce an unusually strong immune response that would normally be harmless.

These seven are named Canis familiaris allergens 1 to 7 (Can f 1-7). But while there are seven, just one, Can f 1, is responsible for the majority (50-75 percent) of reactions in people allergic to dogs. It is found in dogs’ tongue tissue, salivary glands, and their skin.

Researchers have yet to identify Can f 1’s IgE epitopes — those specific parts of the antigens that are recognized by the immune system and stimulate or ‘determine’ an immune response (which is why epitopes are also called antigen determinants). More specifically, epitopes are short amino acid sequences making up part of a protein that induces the immune response.

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HarmoNNY Performing Arts Community celebrates first year, looks to the future

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WATERTOWN — What started as an idea after a show at a church-turned-performance-venue in Cortland County has grown into an organization focused on creating opportunities for performers.

HarmoNNY Performing Arts Community hosted a virtual kickoff last year, hoping to foster creative local talents to enrich the community. The organization’s launch party was held over Facebook Live on Jan. 23, 2021.

According to Joseph S. Foy, president of the HarmoNNY board, the launch went well and the past year has followed suit, even amid a global pandemic. He was inspired to create the organization after he attended an acoustic show at the Center for the Arts of Homer in Cortland County.

“Homer has a really cool venue that was made out of an old church. Instead of letting the church just sit there and deteriorate, they turned it into a venue,” Mr. Foy said. “It was just a very cool concept and very low key. They gave you a Post-it note upfront and said you can write your name on this, put it on your seat, and then you can go get some concessions.”

Mr. Foy, co-owner of Foy Benefits Inc., got together with like-minded people to brainstorm ideas of how to bring something like Homer to the north country. From there, HarmoNNY was born.

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Troll Market relocates to historic State Street building

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WATERTOWN — Inspire. Empower. Uplift. These three words encompass the mission of the Troll Market, which strives to reflect the diversity of the community — both artists and audiences — and provide a space for creatives to connect with the public.

The art and flea market opened at its original Eastern Boulevard location in October and has now found a new home at 1204 State St., a site rich with history and endless possibilities.

Ever since Troll Market owner Andrew “Andy” F. Rounds was a kid, he said he wanted to go into the space, having driven by it his entire life. Now, his vision is coming to life in that spot.

“We had a local businessman who is a supporter of the arts who came down and saw what we were doing over at the other location, attended a couple of our events and then came to me and said, ‘Hey, I purchased this really amazing building and I was wondering if it’s something that you might be interested in moving to,’” Mr. Rounds said. “I just kind of had to jump on it because it’s an opportunity for us to basically finance and own the building through my nonprofit. My Kindred will now have a place to meet, as well as incorporating downstairs as a community center to continue our outreach.”

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Tops on Washington Street in Watertown to become Piggly Wiggly grocery store

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WATERTOWN — Oink, oink! The Piggly Wiggly grocery store is coming to Watertown.

After the merger was completed between Tops Friendly Markets and Price Chopper/Market 32, it was believed that both Tops stores in Watertown would become Grand Union grocery stores. That’s no longer the case.

The Tops in the Washington Street Plaza across the street from Watertown High School will become Piggly Wiggly after a one-week shut down from Feb. 12 to 19. A grand opening event is planned for March 3.

Price Chopper and Tops announced their merger in November. As part of the merger, Watertown’s two Tops locations were sold to C&S Wholesale Grocers, the parent company of Piggly Wiggly and Grand Union.

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KFC Launches Plant-based ‘Chicken’ Nuggets Across the US – And Reviews Say They’re Finger Lickin’ Good

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Kentucky Fried Chicken has kicked off the new year across the U.S. this week by rolling out a plant-based chicken that is ‘still finger lickin’ good.’

Called Beyond Fried Chicken, the bucket of nuggets contain a non-meat ‘chicken’ that was developed by the Beyond Meat company. Created exclusively for KFC, the company says it is “packed with delicious flavor and the juicy satisfaction that you’d expect from KFC.”

“The mission from day one was simple – make the world-famous Kentucky Fried Chicken from plants,” said Kevin Hochman, president, KFC U.S. “And now over two years later we can say, ‘mission accomplished.’”

The move follows a test run two years ago in Atlanta that was an overwhelming success, and sneak peeks in select restaurants in Nashville, Charlotte, and Southern California in 2020 that sold out in days.

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Fresh start coming for Watertown’s Jreck Subs

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WATERTOWN — The new owner of Jreck Subs remembers going after school to buy a sub three or four times a week at a Jreck sandwich shop in his hometown of Kent, Ohio.

So when a friend called a couple years ago asking whether he’d ever heard of Jreck Subs — and if he’d be interested in acquiring the sandwich chain — Matthew G. Darrah wanted to know more.

“I just said ‘Wow,’” Mr. Darrah recalled. “I went there with my high school buddies. It was the only franchise outside of the north country.”

In 2019, he acquired Jreck Subs when his company, Fresh Start Franchising Inc., became the winning bidder at an auction for Jreck’s franchise rights, trademarks and other brand-related property.

Mr. Darrah, of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., is president and chief executive officer and a major shareholder in Fresh Start Franchising.

The company’s corporate headquarters are located in offices in the former Agricultural Insurance Co. building at 215 Washington St. in Watertown, where he and his management team are planning the company’s future.

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He Took Over His Father’s Motel, Now Finds Joy in Giving Free Rooms to Those in Need

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If you’re having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, we suggest trying the view from a different tunnel—the Lincoln Tunnel to be exact.

It’s there, on the New Jersey side, that one compassionate motel worker is making sure people have a roof over their heads by offering free rooms to folks in need.

North Bergen’s Lincoln Tunnel Motel has been in Brian Arya’s family for years. Although he harbored aspirations of an acting career, Arya began working the night shift there in 2012—then his father gifted him partial ownership five years ago.

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Icy roads making travel difficult throughout the north country

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WATERTOWN — Icy conditions made travel challenging throughout the evening Wednesday.

Multiple vehicle crashes were reported, including a possible rollover shortly after 3 p.m. on Route 178. The Smithville Fire Department responded.

The crash was initially reported as a rollover, but Smithville Fire Chief Andrew Weldon was unable to confirm that the vehicle rolled over, as he said he was not at the scene. Chief Weldon confirmed that the vehicle struck a guard rail.

Route 178 was briefly shut down while officials cleared the scene.

According to Chief Weldon, there did not appear to be any injuries as the driver of the vehicle was out and walking around.

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New council majority agrees to pursue three city pools

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WATERTOWN — The new majority on City Council showed Monday night it has enough support to pursue giving north-side residents back the William J. Flynn Municipal Swimming Pool at North Elementary School.

After nearly three hours of discussion, Councilwoman Lisa A. Ruggiero and new Councilmen Cliff G. Olney III and Patrick J. Hickey informally agreed to move forward with a Flynn pool project.

Mayor Jeffrey M. Smith and Councilwoman Sarah V. Compo-Pierce opposed spending at least $735,000 on making repairs to the pool, arguing that the city doesn’t need three pools in the summer and it cannot afford them.

“The city doesn’t need a pool that will be used 10, 12 weeks a year,” Mayor Smith said.

In the informal vote on Monday night, City Manager Kenneth A. Mix was instructed to have an engineering firm look at a couple of alternatives for the pool project and come up with an estimate for its cost.

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Anonymous Shopper Buys Iconic Pantera Guitar For Young Rocker Who Always Came in the Shop to Play it

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When a good Samaritan took notice of a boy’s overt fondness for a particular guitar in a Colorado music store, she decided to buy the instrument for him as an anonymous gift.

Fallon often came in to J.B. Hart Music Co. in Grand Junction, Colorado, with a request to play “the Pantera guitar” referring to a model made iconic by the guitarist for the heavy metal band Pantera.

“Fallon is impacted by Williams Syndrome and has an excellent knowledge and a love for music,” the music store wrote in a Facebook post. “His dream was to own this guitar.”

“Eight months ago, when he was in the store playing it, another customer took notice of Fallon. It moved this customer so much that he returned to the store later, and asked us to give the guitar to Fallon anonymously the next time we saw him.”

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