Book vending machines come to Watertown elementary schools to reward students for good behavior

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Some schools in the Watertown City School District are beginning to offer a book vending machine as a reward for students’ good behavior.

So far the district has the vending machines in North Elementary and Ohio Elementary.

Students earn tokens through good behavior which can be redeemed at the vending machines. They walk down from their classroom independently and meet an adult at the vending machine. Students get to keep their selection.

Students who are recognized as the “Star Student of the Week” receive the token. This is given out in every classroom every week at North Elementary.

Sandra K. Cain, North Elementary principal, said school leaders loved the idea at Ohio Elementary. The school then reached out to the district office about getting a book vending machine. North Elementary received it in September.

Gail E. Bassett, school counselor, said students are really enjoying the vending machine.

“They love it,” she said. “I think it’s going to be a motivator for doing your job in class and getting that Star Student of the Week.”

Bassett said the award is given to students who may have been the most improved that week in the classroom or to a student who has done something kind for friends. It’s not usually an academic award.

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