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Study Shows Flamingos with Similar Personality Traits ‘Form Cliques’ with Like-Minded Friends

Birds of a feather really do flock together according to a new study that found flamingos with similar personality traits “form cliques” with like-minded friends. In Chilean and Caribbean flamingos, birds with similar personality traits tended to form cliques separate from differently-wired peers, much like humans. For example, bolder birds were shown to stick together,… Keep Reading

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Crow hazing resumes Friday night in Watertown

The city is encouraging residents to report crow sightings to its consultant Loomacres Wildlife Management at Loomacres wildlife biologists need information if flocks of crows are seen roosting in neighborhoods to help disburse the nuisance crow flocks. Loomacres will continue its efforts to haze nuisance crow flocks Friday night. Residents do not need to fill… Keep Reading

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Rare Snowy Owl Shows Up in California–First in 100 Years

“It’s like a Christmas present from Mother Nature,” exclaimed one onlooker. She stood among rows of birdwatchers and photographers who flocked to a California neighborhood for a rare glimpse of a beautiful snowy owl. These huge white birds rarely make their way to sunny Orange County. In fact, the frozen Minnesota tundra, thousands of miles… Keep Reading

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Raccoon in city of Watertown reported to have rabies

WATERTOWN, NY —  The New York State Department of Health rabies laboratory has reported to the Jefferson County Public Health Service (JCPHS) that a raccoon has tested positive for rabies. The raccoon was located in the City of Watertown and was submitted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for testing. There were no known… Keep Reading

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At Long Last, Paleontologists Find Remains of a Swimming Dinosaur—’a Cretaceous Cormorant’

Across the whole history of paleontology, which has identified more than 700 species of dinosaurs, there’s never been one found with aquatic features—until now. Natovenator or “swimming hunter” was a foot-long, streamlined, distant cousin of Velociraptor with a slender neck and a mouth filled with sharp teeth, leading to one scientist to call it a “Cretaceous cormorant.” If… Keep Reading

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