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Photographer Records the Moment a Giant Jellyfish Floats Beneath Paddleboarder

An underwater photographer has captured this picture of a large jellyfish under a paddleboarder. The image was taken by photographer and film-maker Lewis Jefferies off Falmouth in  Cornwall It features Lewis’s partner, Sammy, paddleboarding above a compass jellyfish with the sunshine beaming from behind her. “The jellyfish make great subjects to photograph and are quite handy… Keep Reading

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Crow hazing set for Monday night

WATERTOWN — Wildlife Biologists from the city’s crow hazing contractor, Loomacres Wildlife Management, will conclude this season’s crow hazing efforts Monday night. They’ll be in Watertown for the final time in the winter 2021-2022 season, to haze nuisance crow flocks. The city is asking residents to report any crow sightings before Monday night by going… Keep Reading

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Burlington Street cat colony thriving

WATERTOWN — Since the Times reported on Mike Manning and his Burlington Street cat colony in November 2020, the clan of strays — and one or two domesticated freeloaders — have stayed safe, warm and well-fed under the continued care of their neighbor Mr. Manning. In the last year, new whiskered faces have brought the… Keep Reading

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