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Singing or Playing Music Throughout Life is Linked with Better Brain Health While You Age

Playing a musical instrument has obvious rewards: the sense of fun and enjoyment, the ability to express feelings in different ways, and the satisfaction experienced as proficiency improves, but could it actually be making you smarter? Well, scientists working on PROTECT, an online study open to people aged 40 and over, reviewed data from more than… Keep Reading

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Classical Symphonies Can Synchronize Heart, Lungs, and Even Electrical Impulses of the Listener

The perfect synchronicity of a classical symphony has the power to similarly synchronize the movement, heart rate, breathing rate, and the electrical conductivity of skin between audience members, The beautiful finding comes from a study of 132 people and three classical pieces: Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Op. 104 in C minor,” Brett Dean’s “Epitaphs,” and Johannes… Keep Reading

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