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Thermometers donated to pediatric health centers

Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization and the North Country Initiative recently donated 1,296 thermometers to six local pediatric health centers in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties. The donation of the thermometers is part of an ongoing effort by FDRHPO and NCI for the purpose of funding remote patient monitoring devices, to expand work… Keep Reading

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Legally Blind Texas Student Defies Odds, Gets Accepted into Veterinarian School: ‘Anything is possible’

Faith Snapp had always grown up around animals; and though she couldn’t see them, she “always loved them.” Now, she’s on the road to becoming perhaps Texas’ first-ever blind veterinarian, and she spoke to Fox News recently about her journey, and about how anything is possible if you believe it’s possible. Born quite prematurely, Snapp… Keep Reading

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Masks are now optional at most Samaritan locations

As of March 8, 2024, most Samaritan locations will be mask-optional for all staff, patients, and visitors under certain criteria. This decision comes after closely watching transmission levels of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses, declining COVID-19 hospitalization and infection rates, and other supporting indicators. Samaritan now safely offers a mask-optional environment in most areas and… Keep Reading

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FDA Approves New Drug for A Timeless Illness–Frostbite–to Save Fingers and Toes from Amputation

It’s not a cure for ALS or cancer, but the pharmacists who just developed a “game-changer” treatment for frostbite deserve plenty of congratulations nonetheless. On February 14th, the FDA approved Aurlumyn (iloprost) injection to treat severe frostbite in adults to reduce the risk of finger or toe amputation. Frostbite can occur in several stages, and… Keep Reading

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Single-Dose of Gene Therapy Hailed as ‘Magic Wand’ for Patients with Deadly Condition, Transforming Lives

CRISPR is at it again: this time providing a single-dose option to cure a debilitating genetic disorder called hereditary angioedema. Patients who took part in the first human trial have reported dramatic improvements in their health and quality of life, easing or completely removing the painful and potentially fatal swelling that arises from the condition.… Keep Reading

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