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Light Therapy is Harnessed to Target and Kill Cancer Cells in World First

An innovative light-activated therapy could help detect and treat an aggressive brain cancer type, a new study shows.The ‘photoimmunotherapy’ combines a special fluorescent dye with a cancer-targeting compound, which together boosts the body’s immune response. In studies in mice, the combination was shown to improve the visibility of cancer cells during surgery and, when activated by… Keep Reading

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Calls for 2022 Community Health Survey to begin Wednesday

WATERTOWN — The Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization, in partnership with the North Country Health Compass Partners, will begin making calls to community members for its 2022 Community Health Survey on Wednesday. Completed on an annual basis, the survey asks local adults about their thoughts and experiences with health care. Responses are kept anonymous… Keep Reading

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North Country Heart Challenge raises $135K

WATERTOWN — Walkers from across the north country gathered in person once again for the North Country Heart Challenge on April 30 to boost physical and mental health while supporting a lifesaving mission. The Heart Challenge drew hundreds of walkers to Jefferson Community College. For the first time, participants could start their walk at any… Keep Reading

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Handheld Device Painlessly Identifies Skin Cancer

Skin biopsies are no fun: doctors carve away small lumps of tissue for laboratory testing, leaving patients with painful wounds that can take weeks to heal. That’s a price worth paying if it enables early cancer treatment. However, in recent years, aggressive diagnostic efforts have seen the number of biopsies grow around four times faster… Keep Reading

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