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Must-Have Travel App Offers Peace of Mind, Averting Any Crisis with Real-Time Advisories and Personal Response Team

When I was young, backpacking through Europe with my sister, we took a train into Paris completely unaware that the Seine had flooded the city, and the train workers were on strike. Most travelers lack immediate access to travel intelligence information or communication capabilities that may be critical in the event of a travel, medical,… Keep Reading

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First Advanced Parkinson’s Patient to Walk Again with New Spinal Implant, ‘It’s Incredible’

A Frenchman who received a new spinal implant has regained significant motor functions including the ability to walk unaided for miles after losing all such faculties to advanced-stage Parkinson’s Disease. In the latter stages of the moto-neuron disorder, patients lose the ability to correctly use their muscles, and at some points movement can shut off… Keep Reading

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