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For New Rover, NASA is Swapping Buggy Shape for a Giant Snake in Hopes it Can Explore Icy Moon of Saturn

NASA is testing an all-terrain slithering robot to explore tunnels, glaciers, and snowdrifts on Saturn’s icy moon of Enceladus. The 13-foot-long (4 meter) machine is called EELS, or the Exobiology Extant Life Surveyor, owing to theories that the icy-covered world of Enceladus may have a subsurface ocean of liquid water—one of the solar system’s best… Keep Reading

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Hannaford Community Bag program supports Sci-Tech

Store leadership at Hannaford’s Watertown location has selected the Sci-Tech Center to receive a $1 donation from every purchase of the $2.50 Hannaford Community Bag. The fundraiser runs through May. More than $1.2 million has been donated by Hannaford to more than 5,000 local nonprofits since the program began in 2015. “The selection of Sci-Tech… Keep Reading

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Watertown’s Walker Center for Cancer Care adds technology to provide faster access to radiation treatment

Dec. 30—WATERTOWN — Samaritan Health’s Walker Center for Cancer Care announced Thursday that it has added technology that will hasten access to cancer treatment. The center said in a statement that it has opened a second linear accelerator for its radiation oncology services which will ensure that radiation therapy for patients with high acuity lesions,… Keep Reading

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World’s First Solar Car Goes into Production – a 4 Passenger EV That Can Run on the Sun

The world’s first solar car has begun production—a 4-5 passenger EV that hails a new chapter in automotive history. The Dutch company Lightyear officially commenced assembly of its first vehicle, aptly titled ‘Lightyear 0’, becoming the first automotive firm to manufacture an electric vehicle that generates a realistic amount of charge via sunlight. Taking advantage… Keep Reading

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