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Portable Wind Turbine Fits in Your Backpack to Charge All Your Electronics – And Only Adds 3 Lbs

Meet the portable wind turbine for campers, RVers, backpackers, wilderness researchers, or anyone who needs a bit of USB power in the great outdoors. Weighing three pounds, or just under 1.5 kilos, Shine was launched via Kickstarter last year, and on Indiegogo last week, and has already raised over $355,000 ($275,000 CAD) in the latest round of crowdfunding. To… Keep Reading

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Vermont Startup’s Electric Plane That Lifts-Off Vertically is Really Taking Off

A Vermont-based company pioneering electric vertical take off and landing planes, or “eVTOL” in the industry, is attracting huge investment and orders from different transportation companies. The company, called Beta, is now the only western aviation firm to really push the envelope of what is a science-fiction standard—a vehicle that can reach the altitude and speed… Keep Reading

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California Erects Solar Panels Over Canal to Save Huge Supply of Water From Evaporation

Could covering California’s irrigation canals save it from the current drought? Some scientists and engineers think so, and they also believe it could meet the state’s entire renewable energy commitments. A proof of concept and pilot project in Turlock Irrigation District called Project Nexus will cover a mile-long stretch of canal in five megawatts worth of solar… Keep Reading

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