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‘Miracle’ Evacuation from Burning Japanese Airplane Credited to ‘Disciplined’ Passengers and Crew

The next time you’re aboard a plane watching the safety demonstrations, don’t brush them off as unnecessary details of a catastrophe that won’t save anyone—because on a runway in the Japanese Airport of Haneda, they saved 379 souls. “The Miracle on Haneda” as it’s being called, saw an Airbus A350 owned by Japan Airlines set… Keep Reading

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Detroit’s Newest Road Can Now Charge Electric Cars as They Drive on it

Detroit, Michigan celebrated a major milestone in the future of vehicle electrification, as crews finished installing the nation’s first wireless-charging public roadway last month. Using technology from Electreon, 14th Street is now equipped with inductive-charging coils that will charge electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with receivers as they drive on the road. The road will be… Keep Reading

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FedEx Delivers 300,000 Free Christmas Trees to Military Families With Annual Trees for Troops Program

FedEx is rolling down the highway to deliver Christmas joy to military families throughout America in the annual Trees for Troops program. The freight company is delivering nearly 16,000 Christmas trees this month to families at over 90 military bases across the U.S. Partnering with the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation, FedEx has also reached a special… Keep Reading

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New Ohio Factory to Produce Electric Air Taxis That Carry 5 Passengers With Vertical Take-off and Landing

A company developing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for passenger service, announced it plans to locate its first major aircraft production facility in Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation. The Wright Brothers, who invented and flew the first powered aircraft in the U.S., lived and worked in Dayton and opened the first American… Keep Reading

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