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Must-Have Travel App Offers Peace of Mind, Averting Any Crisis with Real-Time Advisories and Personal Response Team

When I was young, backpacking through Europe with my sister, we took a train into Paris completely unaware that the Seine had flooded the city, and the train workers were on strike. Most travelers lack immediate access to travel intelligence information or communication capabilities that may be critical in the event of a travel, medical,… Keep Reading

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‘Miracle’ Evacuation from Burning Japanese Airplane Credited to ‘Disciplined’ Passengers and Crew

The next time you’re aboard a plane watching the safety demonstrations, don’t brush them off as unnecessary details of a catastrophe that won’t save anyone—because on a runway in the Japanese Airport of Haneda, they saved 379 souls. “The Miracle on Haneda” as it’s being called, saw an Airbus A350 owned by Japan Airlines set… Keep Reading

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15 Best Things to Do in Jefferson County, NY

Teeming with scenic islands and spectacular natural attractions, Jefferson County offers a wide range of experiences for the whole family. The county lies on New York’s uppermost border next to the Saint Lawrence River, lying southeast of the Canada-US international border. It was named after the 3rd U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson, and initially settled by… Keep Reading

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Jefferson County prepares for upgrades at Watertown airport, plans updates to management structure

Oct. 9—DEXTER — The Watertown International Airport is on track for some major improvements in the coming years, and Jefferson County officials are preparing the airport’s administration for the expanded responsibilities. Legislators on the county’s Finance and Rules Committee moved last week to advance Local Law II of 2022, which would restructure the airport’s administration,… Keep Reading

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