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Six north country organizations, municipalities awarded state REDI grants

Dec. 17—WATERTOWN — Gov. Kathleen C. Hochul announced Friday that 56 municipalities and nonprofit organizations have been awarded a combined $24.3 million for park improvements, heritage area enhancements and historic preservation projects through the Regional Economic Development Initiative. As part of the $24.3 million, three organizations/municipalities in Jefferson County and three in St. Lawrence County… Keep Reading

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Tuna Population is Being Restored–While Boosting Fishing: World’s Largest No-Catch Zone is 4x Size of California

No-fishing zones are successfully restoring tuna while at the same time boosting the fishing industry, according to new research. It’s well-known no-fishing zones can help sedentary marine life such as coral or lobster, and now scientists at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa have shown for the first time that they are also helping migrating fish… Keep Reading

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Incredible World First Electric Seaglider Vehicle Ready For Production After Successful Test

An incredible hybrid high-speed yacht-seaplane vehicle has completed successful flight tests and is ready now for production. Designed for sustainable maritime travel, the fully-electric seaglider operates a few meters off the water’s surface on hydrofoils until it needs to fly. Rhode Island-based company REGENT say it couples the high speed of an airplane with the… Keep Reading

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