CitiBus riders will have to cope with limited schedule for weeks

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WATERTOWN — Due to mechanical issues, riders can expect the CitiBus system to operate on a modified schedule for several weeks to come.

Three buses are out of commission while they are undergoing repairs and will be off the road for at least three to five weeks.

CitiBus Transit director Kyle E. Meehan said Monday night the Route B Arsenal–Mall and Route C2 Coffeen–JCC routes will continue to be combined until the repairs can be made.

“We know how this affects our riders,” he said. “We’re all out on expanding service, not reducing it.”

One 32-foot-long bus has a transmission problem and was initially sent to Syracuse for repairs on Nov. 26, came back to CitiBus and was then sent to Harrisburg, Pa., to try to finally fix the problem.

Mr. Meehan hopes to get that bus back on the road in about three weeks. There will be no cost for the repairs for that bus because it’s still under warranty.

Two smaller buses have problems with air compressors, which allow easier access on and off the bus. Mr. Meehan expects they’ll be out of commission for five weeks or more.

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