DEC to open wildlife management areas from Aug. 16 to 31

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WATERTOWN, NY — The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today announced the annual opening to the public of otherwise restricted Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties from Monday, Aug. 16, to Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021. During the 16-day open house, Upper and Lower Lakes and Wilson Hill WMAs in St. Lawrence County, including the posted refuge or wetland restricted areas, will be open to visitors each day from sunrise to sunset. Perch River WMA in Jefferson County will also be open to visitors with one exception—Perch Lake will be open daily from noon to dusk.

In addition, this 16-day window is now fixed for subsequent years and will apply to future WMA open houses. Establishing these fixed dates will make planning trips to the areas easier visitors interested in observing DEC’s efforts to manage and improve these important habitats. Portions of these WMAs are marked as refuge or wetland restricted areas to allow waterfowl and other listed species to breed and raise young without human interference.

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