Detroit Students Build a House–Then Deliver the Entire Structure For Low Income Housing

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It was a surreal sight for Pedro Rivera, a whole house was on the back of a trailer driving down a Detroit suburban road; a house that he and his friends had built with their own hands.

“All my friends, we all looked at each other like, ‘Wow, this is what we did,’” Rivera, a student at Oakland Schools Technical Campus-Northeast, told 7 Action News.

At the technical campus, students study to become specialists in carpentry, additions, or electrical work, but school instructor Aaron Swett who led the project to build a 1,368-square-foot home from the ground up, explained that it would help introduce the students to the whole gamut of construction trades.

The program, which includes working alongside professional tradesmen, prepares the students for their own careers in construction and carpentry, many of which are sorely needed in the US.

But it does something else as well, it provides a slow but steady supply of low and middle-income housing units for Michigan, a state that lacks them.

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