Editorial — Culinary life: New Watertown restaurants show climate supports industry

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Since it began nearly two years ago, the novel coronavirus pandemic has hit the restaurant industry particularly hard.

Social distancing requirements forced many restaurants to close or limit their customer capacity in the early going of the health care crisis last year. Many establishments were unable to survive and shut their doors permanently; others managed to stay open despite the challenges.

“According to the National Restaurant Association, industry sales were down $240 billion in 2020 from an expected $899 billion, which is comparable to 2019’s $863 billion in sales,” an article published Sept. 14 by PBS reported. “The pressure on businesses to upend longstanding practices has given rise to new restaurant concepts, technologies and organizational structures, hoping to find resilient methods in unpredictable times.”

It’s good news, then, that three restaurants recently opened in Watertown or relocated. This is a sign that people believe the economic climate can support these new enterprises.

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