Fairhope 365 Podcast November 05, 2021

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You’re tuning in to the Fairhope 365 podcast for the week of November 5th. Each week we cover the latest and most exciting scoops, stories, & news that we find in Fairhope and other neighboring cities and towns. Join us until the end of the episode as we feature 2 locally owned businesses in the spotlight. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Let’s begin with this news- Are you experiencing water problems in your area? Water problems continue to disrupt daily life in Fairhope, city promises permanent fixing is coming! Beer lovers listen up, six breweries along the Alabama Gulf Coast have joined together and brewed a beer called Friends in Low Places to raise awareness and funds for the Alabama Coastal Foundation. Moving to our next story, we had a pretty eventful halloweekend as thousands came out to Mobile’s first ever ‘Mobtober Fest.’ What a fun activity at Flight Works Alabama as Folks had the chance to make pumpkins fly for the Second Annual Pumpkin Catapult Competition. Wondering where to bring your kids to have fun and safely socialize? A new all-inclusive playground finally opens in Daphne! All that and more today on this week’s Fairhope 365 podcast episode!

Water problems continue to affect Fairhope residents, city promises permanent fix is coming

Water problems continue to disrupt daily life in Fairhope, even more so in recent days.

The problem is years in the making, but it’s reaching a boiling point. Every few days it seems a Facebook post surfaces, alerting residents of the issue.

“For a long time water systems used a thin wall pipe. When they’re in the ground and there’s shifting and that kind of stuff eventually they’re going to break. You also have other factors like lightning, or you may have a contractor that hits a pipe,” said Mayor Sullivan.

Most of the problems have been along County Road 34 and County Road 32 near Danne Road. The water outages are affecting residents for several hours each time, but Mayor Sherry Sullivan says the city is working to make sure these frequent outages are fixed for good. Several water projects are already in next year’s budget, she says.

For now residents living in some of these “hot spot” areas are left waiting for the permanent repairs to be made. Mayor Sullivan says in a lot of cases crews are able to cut and replace a portion of the affected pipe, but near Danne Road the problems require more manpower.

She says a lot of the crews have been working overtime hours to make needed repairs.

Friends in Low Places: New brew to raise funds for Alabama Coastal Foundation

Six breweries along the Alabama Gulf Coast have joined together and brewed a beer to raise awareness and funds for the Alabama Coastal Foundation.

The beer is named Friends in Low Places — it’s a new take on the 2019 collaboration brew of the same name. Participating breweries include Big Beach, Braided River, Fairhope, Iron Hand, and Old Majestic, in addition to Mobile’s newest brewery, Oyster City.

Fairhope’s head brewer Jacob Sellers worked with the other brewing teams to fine-tune an IPA recipe and coordinated a group brew day in October. The 2021 edition of Friends in Low Places has a bright tropical fruit aroma that, according to Sellers, “caresses your nose as you take a sip. With just enough malty sweetness to support the explosion of hoppy flavors imparted by American and New Zealand hops, the finish is so crisp and smooth that for just a moment, you will hear waves crashing and feel the sand between your toes.”

Friends in Low Places will be released exclusively at Greers Downtown Market on Nov. 11 with a special launch event from 4-6 p.m.

After the initial release at Greers, the beer will be available in cans and on tap at bars, restaurants, stores, and select breweries around the area.

You can visit www.joinACF.org to find out where to purchase Friends in Low Places near you.

Mobtober Fest celebration drew in thousands

Thousands came out to Mobile’s ‘Mobtober Fest.’ This was a one-night Halloween celebration for families across Mobile, and it kicked off with a 5k Zombie run. Kids who participated were more than ready to take off. Kids of all ages were dressed in costumes from head to toe, jumping through bouncy houses, and playing games on the lawn. This is the first year the City of Mobile has put this event on, and they hope to continue it in years to come.

Battle of the Flying Gourds: Flight Works Alabama holds pumpkin catapult competition

Folks had the chance to make pumpkins fly at Flight Works Alabama, for the Second Annual Pumpkin Catapult Competition.

Pumpkins were flying, splattering, and plopping as teams battled it out, trying to make their pumpkins fly the farthest.

Each team had three chances to launch a gourd from their homemade catapults or trebuchet.

Team ‘Aces’ from Denton Magnet School of Technology strategy was to use weights instead of elastic bands.

Although the ‘Aces’ didn’t exactly ace the competition for getting their pumpkins the farthest, they did have the most festive catapult, the team won the Creative Design Award.

So whose catapult made pumpkins fly the farthest? That would be team ‘Frog’s Breath’.

After working on their catapult for two months, team member Mackenzie Lawrey said she was nervous about the launch as they ran into some challenges.

Those nerves were put to rest after they were able to get their last pumpkin to launch 70.5 feet out, winning the competition in their division.

If you’re interested in getting involved in other science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs and projects, visit https://www.flightworksalabama.com/

New all-inclusive playground opens in Daphne

It’s only taken four months to build, but this project has been years in the making. Monday morning officials cut the ribbon on something new for the Jubilee City. 

The ADA-compliant playground, located at the Daphne Sports Complex, is the first of its kind on the Eastern Shore. The park is wheelchair accessible and provides activities for everyone.

The City of Daphne donated $300,000 to the project, with the Daphne-Spanish Fort Kiwanis Club raising the remainder of the funds. They were able to raise $53,000 during the COVID-19 pandemic, which Mayor LeJeune says is impressive.

There’s a lot of other parks in the area, but nothing to this magnitude where you actually have the nice soft playground area for them to run around and definitely a lot more stuff here for the kids to play with.

Special needs parks are hard to find in Baldwin County. The City of Orange Beach donated $20,000 last month to the Miracle League of Coastal Alabama to help make their baseball park and playground in Summerdale a reality. They’re urging other cities to donate, too. The City of Orange Beach is willing to match any donation up to $100,000. Back in Daphne Mayor Robin LeJeune is committed to providing facilities for these families.

“We want to make sure that we provide for everybody in our community, not just our able-bodied kids. Sometimes it costs more to do those things, but that’s ok we’re going to make that commitment,” he added.

Work has already started on a splash pad and pavilion area next to the playground. 

Business Highlights:

Julwin’s Restaurant

Julwin’s Restaurant serving some of the best country cooking in Fairhope. Their specialty is breakfast, which they serve from open to close. For lunch, Julwin’s serve a variety of sandwiches, hamburgers and blue plate lunches and a wide array of freshly prepared vegetables. They are also proud to announce their new Casual/ Fine Dining Experience -Julwin’s After Dark, serving USDA Prime Steaks, fresh Sea Scallops, Lamb Chops and more. We allow a BYOB with no cork fee. 

Location: 411 Fairhope Ave Fairhope, AL

Tel. No# (251) 990-9372

Hours: Monday to Saturday 6:30 am to 2:00 pm Sunday 7:30 am to 01:00 pm

Salon D’Artistes

In a world where average is good enough, Salon D’Artistes is dedicated to giving you the best salon experience possible.Salon D’Artistes is a place where you can relax, be refreshed, and feel beautiful.

Location: 4500 Old Shell Rd Mobile, AL

Tel. No# (251) 341-1234

Hours: Monday & Sunday (Closed) 

Tuesday-Wednesday (9am-5pm) 

Thursday (11am-7pm)

 Friday (9am-5pm) 

Saturday (9am-2pm)

That’s this week’s episode of the Fairhope 365 podcast. Don’t forget to join us next week for another episode. Thank you for listening! Have a great weekend and always stay safe!