Great Ice Storm of 1998 memories sought

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WATERTOWN —This month marks the 25th anniversary of what the National Weather Service dubbed The Great Ice Storm of 1998.

In the north country, the storm knocked out power for weeks in some instances and led to widespread anguish and property damage. Six people reportedly died across the north country.

The storm, from Jan. 5 to 9, also hit the regions of northern New England and Eastern Ontario, Canada. Ice accumulation reached 3 inches in some areas. The storm also brought flooding, which created its own issues.

“Among other things, the sheer duration of this event made the Great Ice Storm of 1998 historic. While the meteorological event itself occurred over a period of four days, the recovery process lasted even longer, and the long-term impact on the region as a whole lingered for months afterwards,” according to the NWS.

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