Judges will weigh ‘best interest’ of pets if Cuomo signs divorce bill

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Fido and Kitty could soon have the same legal rights in divorce court as their owners’ actual kids.

A bill awaiting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature would require a judge to consider the “best interest” of a pet before awarding custody to either side in a contentious marital split.

“Animals are still considered property in New York, but one person is probably better suited to be the final owner,” Long Island divorce lawyer Michele Olsen said.

Olsen, who supports the measure, said that under existing case law, judges generally base their rulings on receipts showing who bought the critter and paid for food, toys and visits to the vet.

In some cases, the decision can even hinge on who has a nicer home — with a house and yard beating out a studio apartment, she said.

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