Man Sprints Along 4-Lane Snowy Highway to Stop Woman’s Runaway Car

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When a Massachusetts woman lost consciousness at the wheel of her car on the highway, she can thank her lucky stars she did it in view of Adolfo Molina.

The tall and powerful Dominican sprinted across a 4-lane highway in the snow to try and stop her car as it brushed against the guardrails while continuing to accelerate on the shoulder of the road.

A nearby driver recorded the rescue attempt and put it up on TikTok where the images of Molina trying to slow the car by grabbing the door handles went viral.

“I was surprised [at first] but at the end of the day I wasn’t, because he’s a helpful person,” his wife Maytee Pena remarked to CBS Boston. “Something in his mind just said ‘go help’ so he got out of the car and did what he needed to do, it was like a sign of God. God sent him to do that mission.”

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