New grief group aims to support people affected by substance use deaths

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WATERTOWN — With the goal of building a network of members who can support each other, empowered to ultimately affect change and be a voice in the community, a new grief group, known as GRASP, has been started at Anchor Recovery Center.

GRASP, which stands for Grief Recovery After Substance Passing, is a support group for people who have been affected by loss from a substance use or related death.

“We’ve lost so many individuals over the past year to substance-related death, it’s important to be able to support those family members and friends and help them work through their process of grieving,” said Mary Castor, volunteer and member services coordinator for Anchor.

Anchor has been wanting to create the group for a long time, she said. The group officially began in December, with one participant showing up to the initial meeting. Since then, interest has grown, and at a meeting held Thursday evening, five community members came together to share their experiences. Anchor is working to get the word out, hoping that the group will continue to grow.

Anchor Recovery Center, along with other community partners, educates the community and provides Narcan training to reverse opioid related overdoses in an effort to prevent more avoidable community deaths.

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