New York Faces New Flood Threat Just Weeks After Ida’s Havoc

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New York and the U.S. Northeast are facing another flood threat just three weeks after the remnants of Hurricane Ida devastated the region, but the heavy rain expected through Sept. 24 won’t match that storm’s deadly deluge.

As much as 2 inches of rain could fall in New York and its surrounding suburbs starting Sept. 23 in the afternoon with the heaviest showers coming in the evening, likely causing some floods, the National Weather Service said. Flood warnings are already in place in Washington, D.C., though the system is moving to the east.

“We are going to do things differently from now on,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sept. 23 in a briefing. “Officially this looks like a limited storm, but we’ve learned that projections are not always right. The National Weather Service forecast is for 1.5 inches of rain but they are talking about 1 inch an hour, which could cause problems.”

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