New York may crack down on fake vaccine cards

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Forging a vaccination card or providing fraudulent proof of immunity could soon be a felony in New York based on a measure approved Thursday by the Democratic-led Assembly.

The measure, yet to pass in the state Senate, would tighten forgery laws and penalties in New York. The bill would lead to felony charges for forging immunization records or possessing forged proof of an immunization with the intent to defraud.

The bill was approved as vaccination cards showing proof of a COVID-19 shot cycle could be gateways to returning to normal life, such as attending a sporting event or concert. Fully vaccinated people have also been advised by federal health officials that mask wearing is no longer necessary in most indoor settings, with the exceptions of mass tranist, hospitals and homeless shelters.

State officials in recent weeks have sought to add incentives, like free lottery tickets and a chance to enter a raffle for college tuition money, to encourage more people to get their COVID shots.

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