One Year Later: Chrissy Beanz celebrating one year anniversary, grateful for community and staff

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SACKETS HARBOR — After starting on a new business venture amid the COVID-19 pandemic last year, and now celebrating one year in business, one thing has become clear for the owners of Chrissy Beanz Bakery: community is key.

Sarah C. and Daniel D. Radmanovic became the new owners of Chrissy Beanz last August, purchasing the establishment from former owner Andrew T. Hanzlian, who also owned Tin Pan Galley across the street and opened Chrissy Beanz in 1999 with his late wife Cheryl A. Hanzlian. The Radmanovics opened for business shortly after and have had great success since.

“One of the most positive things I can think of is the support of the community, especially having a small business, how much we rely on the local community to help support us; if we didn’t have that, we wouldn’t be able to stay in business,” Mrs. Radmanovic said. “I’m so appreciative of them choosing to come into the shop and spend their money and repeatedly come back, it’s really wonderful.”

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