Photographer Records the Moment a Giant Jellyfish Floats Beneath Paddleboarder

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An underwater photographer has captured this picture of a large jellyfish under a paddleboarder.

The image was taken by photographer and film-maker Lewis Jefferies off Falmouth in  Cornwall It features Lewis’s partner, Sammy, paddleboarding above a compass jellyfish with the sunshine beaming from behind her.

“The jellyfish make great subjects to photograph and are quite handy because they don’t move very fast, ” 33-year-old Lewis said, ”so once you find one, you can experiment with lots of different angles.

“I’d had a shot like this in mind for a while with my partner on a paddleboard above the waterline and some marine life below.

“The conditions were amazing and there was a lovely sunset—which gave me the ingredients I needed to create something quite interesting.

“Credit has to go to Sammy for paddling out to the right spot at the right moment.”

This amazing shot, called A Peaceful Coexistence, was captured last July in Falmouth Bay.

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