Prodigy finds fairway from rough

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The Syracuse City School District hadn’t produced a scholarship college golfer in decades until Corcoran high school grad George Chesna came along.

Take a look at his head cover and you know right away who George Chesna’s favorite golfer is.

“My grandfather got me into it, but, you know, Tiger’s my inspiration and definitely someone I look up to,” Chesna says.

But idolizing Tiger Woods doesn’t make George unique. His skin color does–an African-American 17-year old excelling in a sport that’s still overwhelmingly white.

“I wish there were more, more younger kids that were a minority, or in the city school district that were into the sport. But, it’s not something that you see everybody that is my color doing it,” Chesna says.

Take a look at his swing, and you’d think George has been doing this for years. And, technically, you’re right.

“Two years. ‘Wait, you just started playing golf two years ago?’ Just started playing golf two years ago,” Chesna says.

And playing it so well, the scholarship offers have been pouring in. He’s had 15 offers.

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