Rainbow Village: 84-Year-Old Saves Neighborhood From Bulldozer By Painting Every Street With Joyful Colors

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14 years ago in Taiwan, an 84-year old military veteran painted an entire government village to prevent it from being torn down. Now aged 98, the painter is still there, as is the village—and it’s since become a famous travel stop.

A series of small one-story homes, Rainbow Village is now a city park where painted animals and human figures sit happily in every color imaginable upon a grid of rainbow boulevards.

When Huang Yung Fu started painting the occasional wall in the exceedingly drab Caihong Military Dependents’ Village in Taichung City, it was originally to relieve boredom.

But when Huang learned that the ghost town he and his wife lived in was to be levelled, he kicked into artistic overdrive, covering every paving stone, gutter, and door in pictures and paint.

Now an internationally-recognized tourist attraction, Huang and his wife are the only residents of the Rainbow Village—where they welcome visitors and live their lives.

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