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Boy Whose IQ is the Same as Einstein Joins Mensa to Make Some Friends

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After receiving the same IQ score as Einstein and Stephen Hawking on a test, a young immigrant to the UK joined a pretty cool club to make new friends.

Mensa is an international group for high-IQ individuals founded in 1947. The group welcomes children and adults in the 98th percentile of IQs worldwide in order to share ideas and help them reach their full potential.

12-year-old Cyrus Leung was born in Hong Kong, and was accepted into The Mensa Society after passing his test with 160, just two points short of the highest score.

“I read some articles about other children who have joined Mensa and thought it would be good for Cyrus…to find some friends who have a similar interest to him and then he can try and develop better in his interests,” said Cyrus’ father, Frank Leung.

Cyrus loves to play the piano and also enjoys science and math, if the glasses and 160 IQ weren’t enough to give it away.

“I am very proud of myself,” said the young man, who had apparently forgotten to bring his watch to the test and was nervous.

“He was nervous he wouldn’t know how much time he’s got left and would run out of time to do the questions,” said Frank. “But he was really, really excited as he didn’t expect to get such a high score on the exam.”

“He’s really proud of himself and I think this is something he will remember for the rest of his life.”

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