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Joyous NYC Coffee Shop Hires and Trains People with Autism and Down Syndrome to Work There

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While a cup of joe from Cafe Joyeux is a normal experience in European cities, this radical and tremendous coffee chain just opened its doors in the Big Apple.

Located at 599 Lexington Avenue, East 52nd Street, the first American Cafe Joyeux employs crew members with intellectual and developmental disabilities, empowering them through meaningful training and employment.

With Autism Awareness Day having just passed, it’s the perfect time to go for a coffee there.

It’s a beautiful thing to see the average Joe helping out his neuro-divergent neighbors, but as humans are a communal species of social primates, few things can empower a person as much as the vote of confidence that they are worthy and capable of performing gainful, meaningful employment.

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Premiere of Innovative Low-Carbon Cement: Will ‘Be in That Building for Decades to Come’

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Two firms in Boston have just laid the foundations of a large building using a USA-made zero-carbon cement mixture, representing one of the first adoptions of this technology in the real world.

Many companies are testing or subsidizing low/zero carbon cement and concrete hoping to reduce their carbon footprint, but few as yet are using it liberally to build real structures.

Manufactured by Sublime Systems, which was just named to Fast Company Magazine’s Most Innovative Companies in Sustainability for 2024, the firm uses an electrochemical process to create the cement for ready-mix products.

At the heart of traditional Portland and other kinds of cement is its heating in a kiln wherein calcium carbonate reacts with silica-bearing minerals to form a mixture of calcium silicates. Over a billion tonnes of cement are made per year, and cement kilns are the heart of this production process: heating the mixture to over 1,300°C and producing around 5% of all made-made carbon emissions worldwide, according to The Economist.

By eliminating the kiln altogether, Sublime Systems has removed the large majority of emissions from the process.

Best of all, it’s actually being used right now in the Greater Boston Area. Boston Sand & Gravel is supplying Turner Construction Co. with ready-mix cement containing Sublime Systems’ product to form the mud mat of a large building.

“It’s going to be in that building for decades to come,” Leah Ellis, Sublime Systems’ CEO, told Engineering News Record.

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NNY Business magazine 20 Under 40 nominees sought

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As the talent pool of young professionals throughout the tri-county region continues to grow, it is time once again to honor and recognize these individuals through NNY Business magazine’s annual 20 Under 40 awards.

The 20 Under 40 awards honor 20 young professionals under the age of 40 who exemplify leadership, community involvement and professionalism, people who are making an impact on the area either through their jobs or their volunteer activities.

Over the course of the past 12 years, the magazine has honored entrepreneurs, teachers, attorneys, real estate agents, a dairy farmer, a state trooper, an architect, a community planner, a restaurant owner and more. The list continues to grow as we showcase the emerging leaders of Northern New York and the 13th annual awards will again honor these talents that support our communities each day.

“We believe that recognizing these individuals, not only for their professional contributions, but also for their volunteer and after-hours efforts spent on the betterment of the community is important,” said Alec E. Johnson, editor & publisher. “These individuals do what they do, not for recognition but to make the north country a better place to live. They aren’t going to pat themselves on the back, so we will do that for them.”

The 13th annual 20 Under 40 class will be selected by a committee consisting of editors and staff of NNY Business magazine. The strength of nominations plays an important role in how each nominee is judged and selected, including traits that showcase hard work, selflessness, volunteerism and how they have overcome challenges in their career fields to accomplish their goals.

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Local businesses offering special items to commemorate solar eclipse

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Some area businesses are offering special items and products to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime event of viewing the solar eclipse in the north country on April 8.

They include:

—Ricardo’s Market — The Eclipse Take Out Box offers chicken cutlet and meatball torpedo sandwiches and sun- and moon-related food items. Moon pies, Sun Chips, Eclipse gum are included. The boxes will be sold on April 8 at the Italian food take-out eatery at 217 Holcomb St., Watertown.

—Shady Pine Bar and Grille in Henderson Harbor — An Eclipse Burger will be sold on the weekend of the eclipse, from Friday until Monday. The burger will feature a blackened burger topped with a fried egg, drizzled with teriyaki sauce and served with hand-cut fries. The bar will feature live music on Saturday and Sunday.

—Winning Promotions & Embroidery — Making custom-designed T-shirts for businesses and families wanting to commemorate the eclipse. It designed T-shirts that are being sold at O’Brien’s Restaurant & Bar in Clayton.

The T-shirt maker also is offering custom-design T-shirts on its online store. Some T-shirts are also being sold in the business at 1291 Faichney Drive, Watertown.

—Chrissy Beans — Half Moon cookies will be sold daily until April 8 at the counters in its two locations, in Sackets Harbor and in a Washington Street plaza. To mimic the moon, chocolate frosting covers half of the cookie, and vanilla frosting covers the other half.

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UK Restaurant is Letting People Pay-as-They-Can While Rescuing Tons of Food

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A restaurant in England has been able to employ 22 full and part-time staff serving food rescued from landfills to people on a “pay-as-you-can” basis.

This fantastic achievement is rooted in two significant challenges faced by the UK: price inflation has increased the average cost of food by a quarter, and as many as 10 million Brits, Scots, and N. Irish are malnourished.

The Long Table’s remarkable business model is rooted in conscience and ethics as much as anything they put on the menu. The Guardian reports that 6.4 million tons of food goes to waste in the country every year, amounting to quite a hefty bill of carbon emissions from rotting food and transportation to move it around.

But perhaps the reason this special Gloucestershire restaurant has been able to stay open despite allowing people to eat for free if they want is that the plan was never to focus on the negative.

“We hold a space where we are all collectively trying to answer a question: what if everyone in our community had access to great food and people to eat it with?” says Will North, The Long Table’s general manager.

Lunch is served five days a week from noon, while the store is open every morning for coffee and cake. Dinner is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Everyone eats the same meal based on what the managers are rescuing from their suppliers, but that doesn’t mean the menu is stale.

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US Bookstores Coming Back as Barnes & Noble Celebrates 31st New Store and Indie Shops Dominating

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Ask most people around the country about the number of bookstores in their town over the last 20 years and the answer will almost inevitably be that it’s gone down, but the new Barnes & Noble in Papillion, Nebraska is no anomaly—corporate bookstores are returning.

The new Nebraska location is part of a slate of openings envisioned to reach as high as 50 to 60 this year alone, to follow up on the 31 openings from last year to match booming book sales born during the pandemic and which carried on into the post-pandemic world.

But the great news is that it’s more than just corporate bookstores that economic reports suggest are flourishing; as the US book sales market continues to both grow and diversify, the majority of the retail book market is controlled by small stores.

Yet further, this isn’t a trend limited to the US, but continues around the world, with 50% of all retail book sales, whether in Germany, India, or Nebraska, coming from the proverbial Shop Around the Corner.

“It’s so exciting,” said Janine Flanigan, Senior Director of Store Planning and Design with Barnes & Noble, when interviewed about the Papillion store opening. “We came to a screeching halt in terms of opening stores. We hadn’t opened stores in a very long period of time.”

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Bad Apple Downtown to have soft opening Thursday

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A new business will be opening their doors in the heart of downtown Watertown on Thursday.

Owner of Bad Apple, Shannon Exford Donato confirmed that a soft opening for the Bad Apple Downtown is planned for Thursday. The location will be the old Spokes on the Square.

Spokes closed in December 2023 when owner Jamie Danielson moved out of the state.

Bad Apple Downtown will be a “Times Square meets Public Square sort of thing,” Donato said.

Donato owns four other Bad Apples, one on Arsenal Street in Watertown called “Bad Apple Saloon,” one on Washington Street in Watertown titled “Bad Apple Garage,” another on Blue Street in Glenfield named “Wicked Bad Apple,” and one close to Fort Drum named Bravo Alpha Delta (BAD) Apple, among other “Bad Apple” business ventures.

Around 10 people will be employed at the Public Square location.

The soft opening will feature a full bar and menu.

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General Store getting new fuel tanks

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The parking lot of the General Store, 816 Bradley St., was transformed into a large pit on Thursday morning, as Monroe Mechanical, Weedsport, worked on installing two new 15,000 gallon fuel tanks.

Anthony Doldo, owner of the store and the adjacent Tiny Bubbles Car Wash, said the tanks were 26 years old and due for replacement. They have been planning the job for the last two years and the project will also include a new gas station canopy, new fuel lines and electrical.

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Rust Check owner opens auto repair shop in former Chiappone’s Tire

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Motorists might wonder why a small sign has recently appeared in the window of the old Chiappone’s Tire Warehouse on West Main Street.

Businessman Terry Smith recently purchased the property at 557 W. Main St. and has opened an auto repair shop in the building that had been home to the tire store for nearly 50 years.

Smith, who has owned the Rust Check franchise on Water Street for almost 11 years, could not think of a better way to honor the family, so he’s keeping Chiappone in the name of his business and on the building.

“I want to dedicate the building to the Chiappone family,” he said.

Chiappone’s Tire Warehouse was a north country staple for almost 50 years until it closed its doors for good in April and owner Michael Chiappone, 89, and manager Joseph Roselli, 77, retired.

A month ago, Smith, 44, a father of four, purchased the tire store building from Chiappone after talking to the family about the deal for some time. The Chiappone family finally agreed to sell it for $340,000.

“I’ve known the Chiappone family all of my life,” he said.

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