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Don’t fumble your fun: Why you’ll find pricier game-day chicken wings this year

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WATERTOWN — There will be little to no problem finding chicken wings ahead of the Super Bowl — it’s just that they’ll likely be a little more expensive.

The price of chicken wings has been climbing for months, and it appears the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams game today could be the apex. The National Chicken Council expects Americans to eat about 1.42 billion wings while watching the game.

“There will be no wing shortage,” said Tom Super, an NCC spokesperson. “Like almost anything else you buy right now, wings might be a little more expensive, but they’ll be stocked. I just wouldn’t wait until kickoff to be in line or order online.”

Retail wing prices are up about 30 cents per pound on average from this time last year. Many costs, like the price of chicken wings, have increased due to labor shortages, bad weather and supply-chain bottlenecks. Greater demand meets less supply to create the higher prices, as the U.S. sees the sharpest year-over-year increase since February 1982, according to the Consumer Price Index.

Hannaford supermarket says supply of chicken is tighter than it was before the pandemic but that the store is still in good position as it maintains about 90% in-stock conditions.

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