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Trash bashes being organized to clean up Black River Watershed

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The 2023 Annual Black River Trash Bash will take place in several locations during September and October. Over the last 13 years, participants have removed more than 6,000 pounds of trash from the Black River Watershed, filling more than 350 trash bags.

Volunteer groups interested in cleaning up a site, or seeking guidance on organizing their own cleanup, should contact Gabriel Yerdon at gabriel@tughill.org or 315-785-2387.

The Tug Hill Commission is partnering with the Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Jefferson and Lewis counties to host cleanups on Sept. 13 and 26, respectively. Reach out to Yerdon for more information about participating.

The Black River Trash Bash raises community awareness for healthy shorelines and watersheds by engaging citizens of all ages and in their local watershed cleanup efforts. This event is also part of a broader citizen-science data collection project and a worldwide effort to promote clean water. The Black River Trash Bash is part of the ongoing Adopt-a-Beach program through the Alliance for the Great Lakes, which uses data collected from these cleanups to study plastic pollution sources and better inform policy-makers on ways to protect the Great Lakes.

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Man Becomes Local Hero After Power-Washing Hometown’s Filthy Pavement: ‘I Got Fed Up’

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A window cleaner has become an online sensation after pressure washing his hometown’s filthy pavement and sidewalks in his spare time.

Andrew Carr has been dubbed a hero by TikTok users for his efforts and his videos that have attracted thousands of followers from around the world.

Carr, who owns ABC Cleaning Services, says he was fed up with the paths and cobbles in Alnwick, Northumberland, being covered in chewing gum and dog poo.

One day he simply couldn’t take it anymore, and after finishing a job washing windows and gutters in a town shop, the 32-year-old turned his powerful pressure washer on the path outside and was amazed to see patterns on the paving slabs that had been hidden under decades of dirt.

Satisfied with his efforts he contacted the local council and offered to spruce up the rest of the historic town in his spare time, and they agreed.

Now, every Sunday morning, Carr blasts the paths and pavements around the town center until they sparkle.

“I was cleaning windows and gutters and just looked down and was really disappointed at the state of the pavements,” recounts Carr. “I looked further up the high street and every paving slab was covered in chewing gum and there was a dog mess. It was a sad sight.”

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Watertown brush pickup expected to resume Thursday

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WATERTOWN — The city public works department announced Monday that collection of brush and green waste from houses is temporarily suspended. DPW Assistant Superintendent Pete E. Monaco said it should only last a couple of days.

“I hope to be back on schedule on Thursday,” Mr. Monaco said.

Mr. Monaco said both of the recycling trucks the city uses had issues at the same time.

The hope is that one truck will be repaired before Thursday so a crew can start picking up brush again, Mr. Monaco said.

“All we need is one, then we’re ready to go,” he said.

Mr. Monaco said they will eventually get caught up, but Thursday’s route will be done on Thursday and Friday’s route will also be done on Friday.

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Fishermen Getting Paid to collect plastic trash at Sea, As Indonesia Slashes Pollution

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In Indonesia, small-time fishermen are being paid as part-time ocean cleanup crews, as the archipelago seeks to tidy their seas and raise awareness among stakeholders at the same time.

The Ministry of Fisheries announced on October 4th they had stashed around $70,000, or 1 billion rupiah, with which to pay fisherman for any plastic trash they recovered from the oceans.

Many countries around the world are setting environment or climate goals for themselves. One of the largest contributors of ocean going plastic waste, Indonesia is looking to shake off that reputation by spending $1 billion over the next 3 years to reduce plastic entering the oceans from their shores by 70%.

If an Indonesian fisherman working off the main islands can collect 4 kilograms of trash per day, the government will pay out around $10 for it, which is slightly more than they would get if they spent their day catching fish to sell at market prices.

“This activity is very simple,” Sakti Wahyu Trenggono, the fisheries minister, said at a press conference in Jakarta. “But at least this will raise awareness among the stakeholders at sea and the people around the world.”

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