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Watertown gets one proposal for golf course’s clubhouse

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The city on Thursday received one proposal from a local man with 10 years of restaurant experience who wants to run the Thompson Park Golf Course clubhouse.

David Marconi, who has worked as a manager and server at several area restaurants, submitted the only proposal to operate the concessions at the clubhouse for the Thompson Park Golf Course.

The city’s purchasing department opened the proposal on Thursday morning.

Afterward, Marconi said he would “offer a simplified menu,” consisting of subs, burgers, salads, appetizers and a couple of entrees.

“I would cater to the golfers,” he said, adding that he also would accommodate park-goers and offer takeout service.

He would pay the city $6 to run the clubhouse for next season.

The owners of Spokes, a Public Square nightspot that closed in December, ran the clubhouse after the city took over the golf course last year. Spokes paid $1 to the city to run it last season.

Under Marconi, the clubhouse would be open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and have a staff of about 10 to 12 people. He’s targeting a May 1 opening and a mid-October closing for the season.

He’s excited about the prospects of running the clubhouse, adding that he’s wanted to run his own restaurant for a few years now.

“I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity this time around,” he said.

Over the next two to three weeks, the city’s purchasing and parks and recreation departments will review his proposal before making a recommendation to City Council. Purchasing director Tina Bartlett-Bearup expects council to consider the proposal during its Feb. 20 meeting.

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Clubhouse opens at Thompson Park Golf Course

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After weeks of waiting, Spokes on the Green owner Jamie Danielson got the go-ahead Tuesday to open the clubhouse at the Thompson Park Golf Course.

Spokes started with a soft opening for the clubhouse on Wednesday after waiting for the city to complete some major electrical repairs to the historic building.

“Hurry up and wait, just like the Army,” Danielson said.

Spokes will start with a full bar and a limited menu of salads, paninis and flat breads before soon offering a full menu.

The hours will initially be from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and then by the end of next week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with a grab-and-go breakfast.

The golf course opened in April. Spokes has been using the events tent for tournaments.

A grand opening — with two Monster Trucks and their drivers on hand — is scheduled for July 21.

Spokes on the Green has a staff of 10, but is continuing to hire more employees.

The electrical work was completed Friday on the clubhouse; the city then inspected the repairs and the state health department gave Spokes final approval to open.

The electric system in the basement had to be replaced. C&S Companies, Syracuse, put together the engineering plans for the project for $8,400, while Blackstone Electric Inc., Dexter, completed the work at a cost of $54,126.15.

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Council approves Spokes as clubhouse vendor for Thompson Park Golf Course

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Plans to open the newly acquired golf course at Thompson Park got a major boost Monday night when the City Council finalized a deal for Spokes to run the facility’s clubhouse.

In a unanimous vote, council members approved a one-year agreement with the owner of Spokes Craft Beer and Tapas, the popular restaurant on Public Square, to serve food and beverages in the Thompson Park Golf Course’s clubhouse.

Spokes owner Jamie Danielson said that Spokes is just about ready to run the Thompson Park Golf Course clubhouse.

“This is the next big step,” she said about council’s action on Monday night. “We just want to get in there and make it over.”

According to the agreement, Spokes will pay $1 to run the clubhouse this season. Spokes was the only bidder.

Council members Sarah V. Compo Pierce, Lisa A. Ruggiero and Cliff G. Olney III said they are glad that Spokes is taking on the venture.

“Spokes has earned a reputation in the community,” Councilwoman Compo Pierce said.

The city still has a May 1 target date to open the Thompson Park Golf Course it purchased in January.

Golfers should learn in the next week about signing up to play at the golf course in the city’s historic park.

The city still has some major electrical repairs to complete before the clubhouse can be used. The electric system in the basement must be replaced. A quote came back indicating that the work will cost more than $35,000.

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