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Watertown to host Odyssey of the Mind competition on Saturday

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Students from Region 8 and 9 will be showcasing their creativity during the Odyssey of the Mind Regional competition Saturday at Case Middle School.

The competition allows students to showcase their intelligence and creativity in this important tournament.

Students have spent months of their free time solving problems as well as developing teamwork skills, independent study, friendships, confidence and most importantly — thinking outside-of-the-box. They learn new things and utilize their strengths to solve the problem. Teams also learn how to budget money since there is a cost limit to each problem. This means you will see creative costumes, props, dances, songs, gymnastics and instruments.

Not only do they have to compete within their chosen problem, but teams must also perform well in a “spontaneous problem,” where they solve a new problem on the spot. They must be creative and quick thinking.
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High schoolers take on residents in friendly competition at Summit Village

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Assemblyman Scott A. Gray, R-Watertown, hosted a senior-to-senior board game event Thursday afternoon at Samaritan Summit Village.

Twenty National Honor Society students from Watertown High School competed in friendly board game competitions with residents of the senior-living facility. Games were laid out on tables throughout the community room, and the seniors had quite a variety to choose from. Bingo, Uno, Janga, Connect 4, Cards, Candy Land and Sorry! were some of their selections.

At one of the tables, things were teetering on the edge of collapse.

That’s because three honors students were well into a game of Janga with resident Steve Yanaitis. His careful, more methodical moves, when combined with the younger players’ riskier style, made for a tippy situation.

Despite things crashing down a few times, the group shared lots of laughter and a few stories too. Yanaitis said that he was reminded of a time when he used to play Janga at a bar in Irondequoit, a suburb of Rochester.

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LEAD Council launches ‘Canstruction’ competition

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The LEAD Council of the Northern New York Community Foundation is inviting students and organized student groups in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties to participate in an impactful and creative project to help reduce food insecurity across the north country.

The “Canstruction for Northern New York” initiative is back for a second year as a group activity to encourage students to team up and construct a fun, themed structure made of donated canned food and other nonperishable food items or hygiene products to support a local food pantry or backpack program of their choice.

Joining the competition is easy through an online registration at bit.ly/RegisterCanstruction. Teams must register to participate by Friday, Feb. 16, and select the local food pantry or backpack program that will receive team donations.

“The LEAD Council’s Canstruction competition sparks enthusiasm and creativity among students while also addressing the crucial issue of food insecurity,” LEAD Council secretary Marc Piche said. “This competition should be adopted by every school district and student group as it not only instills a sense of social responsibility, but it also educates students about the real-world challenges our neighbors face. We are optimistic for this year’s competition enrollment.”

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Hilarious Scarecrow Competition Attracts Thousands to Village – LOOK

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Thousands of people flocked to a little English village to see homeowners decorate their properties with comical creations as part of an annual scarecrow competition.

Resident have been turning heads with their weird and wacky scarecrows placed outside their homes in Brinklow, Warwickshire.

More than 80 incredible displays have been erected throughout the picturesque village, including non-fictional creations like Prime Minster Boris Johnson relaxing on a deckchair, and fictional ones like ET and Elliot talking off from a front garden in a bicycle.

Elsewhere, Spiderman can be seen dangling from one family’s tree while a giant pairs of legs stick out of another.

The Minions, Mr. Bean, Edward Scissorhands, Shrek, The Queen and the characters from the Wizard of Oz make up some of the other funny displays.

This edition of the Brinklow Scarecrow Festival was special and well anticipated, as it was returning for the first time in three years following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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