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DEC: More than 16K deer harvested in tri-county area in 2023

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Hunters harvested more than 16,000 deer across the tri-county area in 2023, according to data released this week by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Jefferson County saw the fifth most number of deer harvested among the state’s 62 counties at 6,673, while St. Lawrence County realized the seventh highest total with 6,113. Steuben County in the state’s southern tier led all counties with 14,295.

Hunters in the tri-county area harvested a total of 10,547 bucks, with St. Lawrence County accounting for 4,261 adult males, Jefferson County realizing 3,893 and Lewis County taking in 2,393. Jefferson County hunters took 2,340 female adults, while hunters in St. Lawrence County took 1,459 does and hunters in Lewis County accounted for 843 does.

Hunters in Jefferson County also took 212 male fawns and 228 female fawns, while in St. Lawrence County there were 198 male and 195 female fawns harvested and in Lewis County there were 154 male fawns taken and 151 females.

In Franklin County, there were 2,296 total deer harvested, consisting of 1,660 adult males, 455 adult females, 94 male fawns and 87 female fawns.

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One of the World’s Rarest Animals is Born – Zoo Conservationists Bolster Population of Only Hundreds Left in Wild

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A Philippine spotted deer, one of the world’s rarest animals, has been born to the delight of conservationists at Chester Zoo in England.

The adorable fawn was born in September weighing 4.4 pounds (2kg).
Now standing 12 inches tall (30cm), he has taken his first steps outdoors in their new enclosure alongside his doting parents—Nova and Cosmos.

As part of a special breeding program, the birth is said to provide a much-needed boost to an ultra-rare species classified as ‘highly endangered’ in the wild.

The tiny new arrival is part of conservation efforts between zoos in Europe, set up at the request of the Philippine government to ensure future survival of the species.

Zookeepers have decided to name him after the constellation of stars, Hercules.

“After eagerly waiting 240 days for his arrival, it was a huge relief when we saw a little bundle of fur curled up next to mum Nova one morning,” said Emma Evison, team manager at the zoo.

“She’s a great mum and has been doing everything perfectly so far – feeding him every few hours and keeping him right by her side.”

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