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This Hero Dog-Lover Keeps Seniors and Their Pets Together With ‘Peace of Mind’

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A dog rescue program specialized to help the dogs of the elderly has allowed hundreds of dogs to stay with their owners who could no longer physically take care of them.

The program also takes in and finds homes for dogs who have to be put up for adoption in the case that an elderly person has to enter a care home or hospice.

This often heart-breaking, more often heart-fortifying work is done by Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, and has so far helped find new permanent homes and families for 3,000 dogs, each with their own little stories of life alongside a senior citizen.

The heart-brain-child of dog rescue worker Carie Broecker, Peace of Mind was started when a woman with impaired movements had needed Broecker to walk her dog Savannah, but eventually was forced to part with the canine entirely.

“I said I promise I will make sure that Savannah finds a good home,” Broecker said. “She was so relieved that I could make that promise to her.”

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