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These Breeds Were Named ‘America’s Most Spoiled Dogs’ in a New Poll

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Do you own an Australian Shepard, Border Collie, or Corgi? According to a new poll, you might just own America’s most spoiled dog.

A full sixty percent of the 2,000 dog owners surveyed swear that they own the “world’s most spoiled dog”. One common link: two-thirds of them are talking about a herding dog, like the three named above.

Non-sporting dogs like Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Shiba Inus came in second place for the nation’s most luxuriated breeds, earning 64% of the vote. In third place with 59% are terrier breeds like Russell terriers, Scottish Terriers, and Staffordshire Terriers.

Similarly, 79% of herding dog owners claimed their dogs live like royalty at home. An overwhelming majority (96%) said they spoil their pets in a wide variety of ways and 37% treat their dogs so well, they’d take the chance to switch bodies with their pups for a day if they could.

When asked what they would do for that day, respondents said they’d play all day long (47%), sleep in until noon (42%) and sleep where they usually wouldn’t be allowed to (37%).

People’s penchant for giving their dogs a life of luxury can be explained by four in five who treat and talk to their dogs as if they were human. Many talk to them as if they were children (32%), and others speak as if they were babies or adults (18% for each). Many dogs get treated to meals being prepared by hand in the kitchen.

Commissioned by Solid Gold and conducted by OnePoll, the random double-opt-in survey found two-thirds of terrier owners love giving their dogs extra treats throughout the day, while 29% of toy breed owners love to serve their pups the finest bottled or filtered water in their bowl.

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The Hilarious Moment a Dog Refuses to Look at Mom While Being Scolded for Destroying a Pillow-WATCH

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This is the funny moment a guilty dog cowered into the corner of the bed and refused to look at his owner after destroying an expensive pillow.

Footage uploaded to social media shows owner Marcella Maioli gently scolding her one-year-old dog after she discovered the bits of the pillow strewn about the room.

Frisbee, a border collie and koolie cross, is seen hilariously hiding behind the bed as his mom tells him off.

But she can’t help but giggle over his reaction.

The 27-year-old from Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia, said the pillow cost more than a hundred dollars.

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Clever Dog Collects Hundreds of Plastic Bottles During Walks – to Recycle Litter and Clean His Town

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A clever recycling dog is helping clear the streets of litter by collecting hundreds of plastic bottles during his daily walks.

Scruff, a 13-year-old border collie, has been dubbed “the eco dog” by local residents who love watching him do his part for the environment.

Owners David Grant and Yvonne Faulkner-Grant adopted Scruff from a farm in 2009. Like so many puppies, he loved to play with sticks, but a fear of mouth splinters lead to Yvonne discouraging such behavior. Instead he began to play with plastic bottles.

Years past, and it was 2021 when David and Yvonne first noticed on their walks that their litter-picking hound had a fascination for plastic bottles. He’d pick one up, and carry it until he found another one.

“It seemed wrong that he would pick the bottle up and then drop it again—we thought people would think we were dropping litter,” said Yvonne. “So we got him to start bringing the bottles to us and we put them in a bag and then count them up at the end of the walk.”

The counting began in 2022, as it never occured to their owners before. And after a slow start with just 40 in January, Scruff has now retrieved more than 1,000.

Over the last year, the couple have been sharing their pet’s green credentials on social media using the #scruffsbottlepatrol hashtag.

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Nation’s Largest No-Kill Rescue Shelter Opens in Alabama to Save 5,000 Dogs a Year

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These are Macon County Kennels, the largest no-kill rescue shelter in the U.S., and newly opened in Alabama to help combat a pet overpopulation crisis in the southeastern United States.

It was renovated from an old greyhound training center into a facility that has the capacity to save, rehabilitate, and adopt out up to 5,000 dogs per year.

Located in Macon County, the intention of the founders were to service a region encompassing eight states including Florida, and to help dogs find new homes across America.

“The opening of a second Big Dog Ranch Rescue location is something I’ve prayed for over the years,” Big Dog Ranch Rescue Founder and CEO Lauree Simmons said. “It’s a great day for us and, more importantly, it’s a great day for the dogs.”

Ironically, Big Dog Ranch Rescue hasn’t always had this big dog ranch. Since starting their work in 2008, they estimated they’ve saved 53,000 dogs from being euthanized.

Currently its three renovated buildings include space for 100 dogs and a veterinary center, but a further 13 kennels are still undergoing work.

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Cute Dog Walking Around Golf Course has Collected 6,000 Lost Golf Balls Which Are Donated to Charities

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An eagle-eyed pooch has become an expert at finding lost golf balls in London, so much so that he’s helping provide golf charities with the balls they need to teach kids around the world.

Charles Jefferson must have felt he hit a hole-in-one when one day his dog, a cavapoo named Marlo, emerged from the bushes with a pristine tour-grade ball on the puppy’s first visit to a local London golf course.

Jefferson, a top-level amateur golfer for four decades who used to work with the European Tour, realized that a retrieved mint condition Titleist Pro V1 retails for around £3.50, and that his Marlo might have a unique ability for finding lost balls.

He spent the next six years walking up and down courses with Marlo, watching and chatting, and getting out in the open air.

Between Mitcham Golf Club and Wimbledon Common Golf Club, Mr. Jefferson and Marlo filled dresser drawers with golf balls, but rather than a single instance of selling around 600 to a mate, he never had any interest with the “retrieval market” a cottage industry that’s cropped up around recovering golf balls.

As an advertising and branding agent, Jefferson leapt at the chance to turn Marlo’s abilities into a force for good after he heard of a donation drive to promote the prevention of litter from lost golf balls.

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Dog Owner Shocked to Discover Her Pet is the Brother of One of The Queen’s Corgis

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A dog owner recalled her shock after finding out that her beloved pet is the brother of one of the Queen’s corgi dogs.

Nadia Smith got her corgi puppy, Wilbur, in February of 2021—and learned later that he had a special connection to Queen Elizabeth II.

She spotted a post on a Facebook group about the Queen’s newest dog named Muick and quickly realized they had come from the same litter.

The 28-year-old who lives in Yorkshire had toyed with the idea of adopting Wilbur’s brother too, but had decided against it.

After seeing pictures, it became clear that Wilbur and Muick were brothers, the only two from the litter.

“I was in shock when I realized,” said Nadia, who works in social media marketing. “You never think anything like this will happen to you. It’s such a strange way to be connected to her.

“We loved corgis because of The Queen. From seeing her with all her corgis, we thought if they’re good enough for her, they’re good enough for us!

“When we went to get Wilbur, we picked up and cuddled the other puppy too.

“We held the Queen’s actual corgi—and we own his brother!”

She added, ”‘The Queen’s dog chewed my shoelaces’ is not something you ever expect to say!”

When they realized who Wilbur’s brother was, Nadia and her partner had sent a letter and photos to the Queen to inform her.

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Woman Hailed as Hero For Using Drone to Locate Over 200 Lost Pups For Free

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A dog lover has been hailed a ‘real-life superhero’ for using her drone to reunite families with their lost pups—most recently, just in time before a ‘deadly’ storm hit.

September 9th was a normal Friday for Erica Hart, as she abandoned her shopping trip to rush home and launch a drone search for a schnauzer before a rumbling thunderstorm made things worse.

Jamie Hollinshead phoned her from Clayton, Yorkshire, to say his rescue dog Hilda had bolted from their garden and they’d already searched for two hours.

The 33-year-old rushed to the last-known location and within 20 minutes spied the escaped pooch running down a residential road.

When the two-year-old dog darted into a nearby field and kept moving, Erica was able to direct Jamie and his wife to the best spot for intercepting her.

The couple from Clayton, who adopted the rescue dog this past April, has hailed Erica a ‘real-life superhero’ and believes Hilda could have been killed had she not been found before the thunderstorm hit minutes later.

“What she did is brilliant. She’s a hero, a real superhero.

“She saved her life. She could have been run over or the storms could have panicked her—you just think the worst straight away.”

“Erica was in constant communication with us. She knew what she was doing and where to look,” said Leah, who had no idea how the dog escaped their fenced yard, but thought it must have been spooked by the thunder.

“As it was getting later, we thought we’d never see her again. It brought a tear to my eye when we got her back.”

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Corgis Dressed in Royal Attire Gather in Australia to Honor the Late Queen, a Corgi Mum of Five

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Dozens of Welsh Corgi owners dressed their pampered pooches in royal attire as they gathered to honor the late Queen Elizabeth II, herself the world’s most famous Corgi enthusiast.

The event, organized by the Perth Corgi group, took place in Langley Park, Perth, Australia, where approximately 50 dogs and their owners gathered in tribute to the Queen.

Elizabeth II owned more than 30 Welsh Corgis throughout her life.

Minnesota-native Tessa Vernstrom, who is studying in Australia, attended the event with her two corgis, one-year-old Tendi and three-year-old Riker.

“The event was organized on very short notice by the Perth corgi group, as soon as we heard the news,” she said. “It’s a tight knit community and we said we should do something to honor the Queen, so we organized this.”

“I didn’t dress up my dogs, but I wish I had. I usually dress them up for events like Halloween, but I didn’t have time to find something appropriate.”

“Personally, I was saddened by the Queen’s passing,” she added. “I personally respected… her love of animals and corgis in general.”

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Stray Dog Crashes Couple’s Wedding – and Becomes Part of Their New Family

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Douglas Robert and Tamíris Muzini were ready for their big day, when they would commit to celebrating happily ever after together, but Tamíris didn’t know there was someone else.

As the blushing bride arrived at the church, she noticed a wedding crasher had come by—a stray blonde dog that was mingling gently with guests.

Not putting paw nor tail out of place, the ceremony eventually commenced with the dog sitting down by the doorway to watch, as if he knew what was happening.

After it was all said and kissed, the beautiful couple made for the exit. That’s when the dog suddenly became excited.

“When he greeted us at the end, he asked: ‘Take me home. Take me,’” Muzini told The Dodo.

They decided in that very moment to make their happily ever after fit for three, adopting and naming the scrawny pooch Braiá Caramelo.

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Till Death Do Us Bark: Watch Inseparable Shelter Dogs Get Married in Adorable Ceremony

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Two inseparable shelter dogs got married in an adorable ceremony, with their own specially made mini chapel complete with bubble machine

Nine-year-old Peanut and three-year-old Cashew got married at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) in Bexar County in Texas last Wednesday.

Both Chihuahuas were surrendered in April 2022 by their families to SAHS as they could no longer be taken care of.

The pair met in the SAHS medical building after their respective dental surgeries and instantly bonded.

After watching their relationship blossom, staff decided to organise the ceremony in the hopes of finding Peanut and Cashew their forever homes.

The romantic occasion featured the pups dressed to the nines with a red carpet flanked with dog-shaped hedges.

“The ceremony was to celebrate their love and recovery journey,” Lucia Almanza, a Public Relations Associate at SAHS, said. “Their small, intimate wedding day was shared with staff, volunteers and our closest friends. The event included a beautiful walk down the aisle, bubbles, music and cake, of course!”

A mini wedding chapel was also built for the occasion.

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