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Hero or Nuts, He Ran a Marathon Every Day in 2022–and Then Went to Work at His Job–Raising a Million for Charity

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For many, running a marathon is an accolade of life, a culturally-fixed way of proving athletic ability and determination—but for Gary McKee, it’s literally just another day in the office.

McKee ran a marathon every day of 2022 to raise money for cancer treatment, and a simple multiplication problem of 26.2 x 365 will reveal he ran 9,500 miles (15,300km) during the year, equivalent to crossing the United States three times.

He ran through 20 pairs of running shoes, and what’s more, his marathon was only a prelude to going to work in the morning at the Sellafield nuclear site.

On New Year’s Eve he finished his final marathon to cheering crowds and fireworks near his Cumbrian home. News came in that he had made his £1 million mark for donations to Macmillan Cancer Support and West Cumbria Hospice at Home.

“It’s not the distance, it’s because it’s the last one. It’ll be a special day. Cancer affects everybody so it isn’t just a west Cumbrian thing, it’s a national thing,” McKee told the BBC at breakfast ahead of his final run.

“I just hope that people do get behind us and we do raise that million pounds. If we don’t, it won’t be because I haven’t run 365 marathons.”

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United Way’s end-of-year donation campaign runs through Dec. 31

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WATERTOWN — The United Way of Northern New York is asking for donations to finish up its end-of-year campaign to help fund other nonprofit organizations in the north country.

CEO Dawn M. Cole said the end-of-year campaign will run until Dec. 31, and the money it generates from donors will be split among two dozen nonprofits in St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Lewis counties.

There are 70 local businesses conducting workplace campaigns for the United Way this year, and Ms. Cole said anyone who wants to sign up to begin their own workplace campaign for the end of the year can still do so. People who are part of a workplace campaign can have a small amount deducted from their payroll and support the United Way and all the services it provides throughout the north country, including supplementing the ALICE Program and local schools.

“We work pretty closely with human service agencies across the region and some of the schools to help identify those families and get them connected to resources,” Ms. Cole said.

She said that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Way now has a need to “reeducate” residents about the services the organization provides. It helps other organizations like ACR Health, Credo, New Day Children’s Center, the Potsdam Snack Pack Program, the Salvation Army and others to support communities, whether that means offering low-cost clothing, food pantries, safe places for children and teenagers to gather, mental health services or transportation.

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Toys for Tots accepting donations at Jefferson County businesses

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WATERTOWN — The 2022 Toys for Tots campaign in Jefferson County is collecting toys for children at 77 local businesses.

Coordinator Michelle Tinsley said toys and monetary donations to buy specific kinds of toys are gladly accepted.

The campaign is officially over on Dec. 21, but donations will continue to be taken by phone through Dec. 23. From Dec. 21 to 23, families are able to do open shopping, which allows them to set up appointments to shop for toys for their children.

“I have 44 people already signed up for open shopping,” Ms. Tinsley said.

A handful of volunteers helped Ms. Tinsley on Wednesday to unpack and sort toys at the Toys for Tots Center at Watertown’s Top of the Square Plaza.

Volunteers Kim Oliver and Jean Gianfagna said they help with Toys for Tots because “not everyone is so fortunate” as to have the means to provide gifts for their children during the holidays.

“We’ve seen so many kids that just didn’t have the basics and things that they need, so if we can make Christmas a little happier for them — that’s why we do it,” Ms. Oliver said.

Four years ago, when Ms. Tinsley started in the north country as coordinator for the campaign, she said there were 25 or 30 drop-off boxes in the area, and there are “a whole lot more volunteers” that help to pick up toys from those locations now than there were.

The area also receives a supplemental donation from the Toys for Tots Foundation of “between $12,000 and $15,000 worth of toys” to start the campaign in November.

Local gathering places like churches and food pantries get together and collect names of families who need assistance, and each child receives three toys, stocking stuffers and a book for the holidays.

Ms. Tinsley added that the center tries to tailor toys to each child so that kids receive gifts that interest them.

To make donations, see the list of drop-off locations, toy suggestions or apply to receive a gift, call Ms. Tinsley at 315-405-1730, or visit wdt.me/toys.

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LEAD Council’s Holiday Giving Fund begins donation challenge

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WATERTOWN — The LEAD Council of the Northern New York Community Foundation is beginning its annual Holiday Giving Fund.

The LEAD Council will kick off its initiative with a $5,000 matching challenge, which will match each donation up to $5,000.

The fund is open to donations through Dec. 2. Donations will be evenly distributed to Christmas Crusade for Kids, Christmas Sharing Holiday Assistance and the Potsdam Holiday Fund.

“Our LEAD members get excited about this holiday challenge every year,” LEAD Council Chair Andrew Boulter said. “It’s a great way for the group to dive head first into the holiday season in a way that supports the mission of both LEAD and the Community Foundation.”

The Christmas Crusade for Kids is led by Tunes 92.5 and provides holiday gifts to children and families across the north country. More than 1,200 families received gifts in 2021, led by Tunes 92.5 in collaboration with the Community Action Planning Council of Jefferson County, Watertown Urban Mission, the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Toys for Tots.

Christmas Sharing Holiday Assistance is a program of the Lowville Food Pantry that distributes gifts, toys, food boxes and other goods to children, families and seniors across Lewis County.

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Patagonia Gives Away Its Entire $3 Billion Worth To Fight Climate Change

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Practicing what he preaches, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard donates the entire $3 billion of his apparel company’s valuation to fight climate change.

As staunch an activist as you could find, Chouinard was “really pissed off” to see himself in a business news article as being valued as a billionaire, so his response was to announce that all profits in perpetuity shall go to the Patagonia Purpose Trust for helping prevent environmental disaster.

“I never wanted to be a businessman,” Chouinard wrote. “I started as a craftsman, making climbing gear for my friends and myself, then got into apparel.”

At 83, Chouinard worked with a team of lawyers alongside his family to create a model that would allow the company to continue to operate as a for-profit enterprise, but that would also act as a fundraising engine on the environment’s behalf.

2% of the family’s stock will fund an effort to ensure the company remains committed to Chouinard’s values, while the other 98% will go to projects that protect habitat and biodiversity, and fight the environmental crisis.

Patagonia has long been known as a company that does everything it can to support the environment, such as donating 1% of profits every year since 2001, amounting to $140 million, to projects that protect and restore vulnerable ecosystems, or even opening a regenerative ag-based brewery that uses a perennial grain called Kernza instead of wheat to make beer.

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Third grade students donate to Toys for Tots

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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – Toys for Tots got a big donation Thursday from tots themselves!

At Evans Mills Primary School, Tricia Walsh’s third grade class raised money. Then the students shopped for toys to give away.

On Thursday, they loaded everything up and sent it off, learning a valuable lesson about selflessness.

“Some people dont get presents, and it feels sad. So, that’s why were doing Toys for Tots,” said Sharron Nelson, student.

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