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Off-Duty Officer Hailed as Hero for Rescuing Woman Who ‘Disappeared’ Under the Waterfall

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During a hiking trip in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, a group of swimmers had the good fortune of being found by some hikers that included an off-duty police officer who ended up saving their friend from a raging edy.

The officer, Bruce Lake, was exploring the Laverty Falls area with his wife and friends, and though being hailed as a hero, he was initially told that everything was okay.

Thankfully piercing the veil of the social contract, one of Lake’s friends said that a woman out in the water appeared to be exhausted and might need some help, and that’s when the whole party watched her disappear under the foam after making a short-lived attempt to return to shore.

“She was kind of stuck between these two little waterfalls,” Lake recalled. “She immediately went underneath and then came back up again right near the rock and then grabbed the rock and held on. So she was obviously a little scared.”

Global News quotes Dave Brosha, one of Lake’s friends, who described the events as something “out of a bad movie” after the woman disappeared a second time, but wasn’t remerging, and that’s when the aptly-named Lake made his move, jumping into the water and swimming to the rock to help.

Reaching the rock, the water was deeper than he expected, and the rescue plan devolved to essentially waving his arms and legs about seeing if he could touch her, and as fortune would have it, his hand brushed her arm.

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Three Mermaids Save a Scuba Diver From Drowning: ‘Not Just Pretty Tails And Smiles’

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A fairytale rescue saved an experienced diver from drowning when a trio of mermaids suddenly showed up off Catalina Island in California.

Pablo Avila lost consciousness while scuba diving with his son and a friend on Oct. 23, which coincided with the second day of a mermaid training course nearby.

A 33-year-old mermaid performer and diver from Miami who was leading the certified diving course in open water jumped into action when they all heard calls for help.

Elle Jimenez and two of her students, all donning their mermaid fins, used their training—and their tails—to speedily take control of the situation.

Mermaid student Elaina Marie Garcia, a certified diver who also works as a firefighter, said Mr. Avila was foaming at the mouth and unconscious by the time they reached him.

The mermaid pod quickly removed his heavy dive gear, which can weigh 30 to 40 pounds, and underwater weights that can add another 35lbs.

“I gave him rescue breaths in the water,” Garcia told Fox News. “My training kicked in, and I had the muscle memory I needed to get his scuba gear quickly and efficiently off.”

“I think we were all meant for these roles and that moment proved we were exactly where we needed to be,” said Jimenez.

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