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Big Tech Companies Sign Pact to Fight AI-Generated Election Misinformation in Unprecedented Year

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Throughout its 16-year history, the Munich Security Conference typically features a lot of companies trying to win defense contracts, and a summary dismissal of anything presented by the Russian Federation.

But in a change of pace, the 16th edition of the conference concluded with an agreement drafted by a variety of big tech companies to try and prevent the use of artificial intelligence to deceive and sow chaos during national elections.

As the companies point out, 2024 will bring more elections to more people than any year in history, with more than 40 countries, including two of the three largest democracies in the world, and more than four billion people choosing their leaders and representatives through the right to vote.

Their intention with the agreement is to combat deceptive AI election content such as “convincing AI-generated audio, video, and images that deceptively fake or alter the appearance, voice, or actions of political candidates, election officials, and other key stakeholders in a democratic election, or that provide false information to voters about when, where, and how they can lawfully vote.”

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