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Newborn Calf with Smiley-Face Markings is Named ‘Happy’ and Will Graze on a Farm For Rest of His Life

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Happy the cow was never destined for greatness, born as he was a bull on a dairy farm.

Yet despite his inability to produce milk, Happy had another valuable skill that began working the minute he dropped onto the grass of Barry Coster’s dairy—making people smile.

The Holstein calf was born with a smiley face on one side of his body, a result of the naturally random black and white markings typical of their breed.

“We’ve seen some number sevens or love hearts on the head, and a few strange markings, but we’ve never seen anything that resembles a smiley face before,” Mrs. Megan Coster told ABC Australia.

Upon finding Happy, Brian snapped a picture and sent it to Megan who even suspected he was a victim of graffiti.

“I couldn’t believe it—I actually zoomed in at first to make sure that none of our workers had added some extra lines or anything, ” she added.

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