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Hero Garbageman Rescues Man, Woman, and Dog from House Fire

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GNN often reports on lifesaving rescues by firemen, risking life and lung to pull people from burning buildings, but these two are not firemen, and are a different sort of hero.

They’re heroes, no doubt, but by trade they haul trash. Nonetheless, while working in Tipton, England, on Tuesday morning, they saw fires ripping through a small brick townhome, and rescued a man, woman, and their dog.

Steve Whitehouse and Kevin Marriott work for Serco garbage collection, and it was Whitehouse who first jumped into action.

“I saw a young woman screaming from the balcony and all I could think was that I needed to get to her as quickly as possible,” Whitehouse told the BBC.

Whitehouse climbed up to a first-floor balcony three times to rescue the trio from the flames. He first carried the woman down, but when he turned back to help the young man, he found he was shouting to his dog, still inside. Bundling the dog in a blanket, Whitehouse climbed down and told the owner throw the dog to him. After catching him, the garbageman returned up to the balcony to help the man.

Meanwhile Whitehouse’ partner Marriott went door to door shouting for people to get clear of the connected townhomes.

Both the man and the dog were suffering from smoke inhalation when 19 firefighters arrived from West Midlands Fire and Rescue. The dog was treated on site while the man was rushed to the hospital.

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Man Awarded for Quick Rescue Response to House Fire in the Washington Mountains

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A humble maintenance worker for the Washington State DoT is being honored for rescuing several people from an intense blaze.

The story comes from Blewett Pass on US 97 where Brandon Haight was checking conditions on a route he frequents for his work. Amid the snow and the failing light, he noticed a red glow coming from a residential area and black smoke swirling up among the pines.

Pulling over, he discovered a house had caught fire. Thinking quickly, Haight radioed the traffic management center, since there is typically no mobile phone service in that section of Blewett Pass.

With fire and rescue made aware of the emergency, Haight flew to the scene and began banging on the doors and windows of the home yelling “fire!”

All the residents had made their escape just minutes before the whole house was engulfed in flames and spread to a nearby RV, but Haight had warned the man inside it as well, and all those present cleared the area.

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Attic fire in city displaces family, injures firefighter

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A family of at least four people is displaced after a fire on North California Avenue in the city Monday morning, according to Battalion Chief Andrew Denney of the city fire department.

Denney said when firefighters arrived at 326 N. California Ave., they found the fire in the attic.

Firefighters had difficulty accessing the attic and had to cut their own holes to get into the space, Denney said.

According to city property records, the duplex is owned by Eric Richards, with a Castle Rock, Colorado, address.

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Police Officer Jumps Fence to Save Chained Dog from Fire, Not Giving Up Even When Heat Turned Severe

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With a heart of gold and nerves of steel, an officer in Arvin, California vaulted over a fence and worked amid blazing heat to save a chained dog from a raging fire.

Chained just outside a burning mobile home, Officer Calderon comforted the dog with kind words before eventually using hedge clippers to free the pooch, all the while protecting the dog with his own body.

Hearing about Calderon’s heroics, recorded in a 6-minute section of body cam footage, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) decided to present the man with their Compassionate Action Award.

“His actions were truly heroic. And we want to reward him to recognize that and also because we hope that it will inspire more people to be heroes for animals,” said Ashley Byrne, PETA’s director of outreach communications.

The process of freeing the dog started after Calderon used his strength to clamber over a rickety 6-foot fence. The dog was frightened and ran away from Calderon at first, but he pulled it close to him via the chain while struggling to try and find some way to disconnect it.

At first, he tried to bend a pin holding two sections of chain apart, but it wouldn’t budge. Then, coaxing the dog to hide behind a large horizontal kitchen or bathroom sink in the yard, he breached the friendship barrier and was able to scratch the pit bull or bull terrier behind the ears.

Calderon pushed the sink closer to the wooden fence behind it, creating a shield to protect the dog from the heat of the fire while trying to break through the fence and allow the dog to go into the adjacent property.

The smart pooch understood what was happening, and when a passageway had been made it went through. In the neighbor’s yard, Calderon found a pair of hedge clippers which allowed him to finally free the dog from its bonds.

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What are lithium-ion batteries, and how do they catch fire? Here’s what to know

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Chances are, you probably own a device powered by lithium-ion batteries. The energy source is convenient for its ability to pack a lot of charge into a slim package. Lithium-ion batteries are considered safe and used by many, but it’s important to be aware of potential safety threats.

On Thursday, a Tampa children’s clinic was evacuated due to damaged lithium-ion batteries that released highly flammable hydrogen gas, injuring three. Off-gassing, or gas leakage, is just one of the risks posed by lithium-ion batteries.

Last month, four people were killed in a fire at an e-bike store in New York, and officials said lithium-ion batteries sparked the blaze. And per the FAA, as of June 14, there have been 464 incidents involving smoke, fire or extreme heat on planes due to lithium batteries since March 3, 2006.

Lithium-ion batteries power items such as smartphones, laptops, electric scooters and bikes, e-cigarettes, wheelchairs, smoke alarms, toys and cars. They’re lightweight, contain high energy density and recharge easily, the Department of Energy says. But the battery’s popularity and ease of use make it all the more important for users to look out for potential dangers, according to David Dittman, Tampa Fire Rescue training chief.

“If not used correctly, or if damaged, these batteries can catch on fire or explode,” he said.

Dittman said the explosive nature of lithium-ion battery blazes, in combination with the threat of electrocution, make it especially difficult for firefighters to manage the scene. During an event in June, he trained the rest of Tampa Fire Rescue on how to respond to the perils of lithium-ion battery fires.

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Homeless Man Hailed as Hero for Rescuing Family from Apartment Fire: ‘He was an angel’

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A mother in Arizona woke to find she was trapped in the second story of her apartment home as it quickly engulfed in flames.

Claudia Jimenez opened the window and called out to anyone who could hear, needing somehow to find a way to escape while the front door was blocked by the fire.

The first person on the scene wasn’t a firefighter, it was Joe Hollins, who lived in a homeless encampment with his wife near Jimenez’s house.

“All I see is a lady pull open the window and she’s screaming ‘Please help me, please help me,’” Hollins told CBS News.

The mother of two then had to make a difficult choice. It’s not unusual or prejudicial to be wary of people living on the streets, but for her one-year-old daughter Valerie and eight-year-old Natalie, Hollins may have been their only hope of survival.

Under the window, Hollins called to Jimenez saying that he would catch the children in his arms. She trusted the man, and not only dropped Valerie and Natalie, but the two dogs as well. It took Jimenez herself a while to summon the courage to jump, but she managed it, and Hollins still had the strength to catch her.

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Watertown crews extinguish smoky Central Street fire

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WATERTOWN — No injuries were reported after a fire in the second-floor apartment at 302 Central St. Thursday morning.

When the Watertown City Fire Department responded to the scene, firefighters found heavy smoke and fire coming from the second floor and the fire was extinguished with an interior attack, according to a news release from the department.

The occupant of the apartment was not home at the time of the fire and the occupant of the first-floor apartment was able to safely evacuate, the department said.

“Major damage” was reported to the second floor from fire, smoke and water, while the first floor only had water damage.

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Young Amazon Driver Hailed a Hero for Rescuing Family From a Burning Home

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An Amazon delivery driver is congratulated by a Long Island community for selflessly risking his life to help a family evacuate from their burning house.

Syosset Long Island firefighters arrived at the house 4 hours after they got the 9/11 call, but to their relief the family was standing outside by the curb.

Minutes before, Kevin Rivera was finishing his Amazon delivery route when he saw the flames consuming the front of the house, yet despite the front door being wide open, it was clear the family inside didn’t know what was going on.

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Former City Deputy Chief Leo Loftus memorialized in plaque at city fire station

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WATERTOWN — Barbara Lamon, the 88-year-old daughter of the late Deputy Fire Chief Leo J. Loftus, said it means a lot for her family to see her father memorialized.

“We feel very privileged that they finally recognize the fact that it did happen the way it did,” she said. “It’s been a long time coming, but we’re still very happy about it.”

Deputy Chief Loftus died at Thompson Park one month after exposure to chlorine gas while fighting a fire in 1943, but his death was not recognized as in the line of duty, until recently.

“It’s taken 78 years, seven months, and three days for City Fire to add the name to our memorial, the time it’s taken does not lessen the sacrifice,” said the Rev. Leon I. VanWie, United Methodist pastor. “A fitting tribute can take time.”

Ms. Lamon said that she was very excited to learn the news of her father’s name getting memorialized.

“That was very much a blessing to us,” she said.

Mary Leonard, another daughter, 86, said it was “wonderful” to have her father memorialized on the plaque.

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Watertown apartment building being renovated after extensive fire damage

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WATERTOWN — The owner of an apartment building that sustained serious damage from a fire last year said she hopes the units will be available in the coming weeks and months.

The eight-unit apartment building at 121 William St. was all but destroyed internally after the fire in late November. It displaced several tenants, and city police said this week that the cause is still being investigated. State investigators were brought in to help with the investigation, and authorities are still waiting for results to determine a cause, city police said.

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