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101-year-old Woman Reveals Her Secret to Longevity is Dancing Every Day

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This 101-year-old woman says the secret to keeping herself young and healthy includes daily ballet moves on the barre.

Dinkie Flowers is one of the oldest women in the UK and is eager to offer her tips for longevity.

“I couldn’t live without dancing and I think it’s what’s kept me young and happy.”

“It sounds hard, but it’s never too late to start,” said the former professional dancer. “Once you know what you’re doing and being taught by a teacher you’d love it.”

She started dancing at the age of three, and still teaches lessons at her dance school called Dinkie Flowers Stage School to this day.

“I just love dancing, I always have and I always will. I’d advise anyone—and everyone—to start dancing to keep your body and mind young.

“Everyday I go and dance in the studio. The work you do keeps your body supple.”

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