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Lumber Company Grows Trees That Smile With Massive Grin for Oregon Drivers

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Every autumn in Oregon, motorists traveling down the route 18 receive a “beaming” smile from the hills above the roadway.

That’s because years ago, Hampton Lumber company logged the trees on that hill, and decided to replant early-changing larch in the shape of a smiley face.

Surrounded by evergreens, it stands out like an emoji on the road between Grand Ronde and Willamina in Polk County.

Autumn is a stunning time in the Pacific Northwest, enough to bring a smile to your face and to the very hills themselves.

“After every harvest, our foresters start planning the reforestation process,” Kristin Rasmussen, a spokesperson for Hampton, told Oregon Live. “They typically plant a variety of native species depending on the elevation and soil conditions, including Douglas fir, western hemlock, noble fir and western red cedar.”

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